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I'm working through horribly-unorganized iphoto and aperture libraries on three computers, trying to create one "master" library that contains all of my images (probably around 22,000 different images in all).  I've found a good way to combine the iphoto libraries but not a terribly efficient way to bringing the aperture images into iphoto (that's where my master library will reside).


What I finally settled on was to export the RAW images from aperture into a folder, then import to iphoto.  That works great, but then I lose all of my post-processing.  I haven't worked on all the images, so I thought it would be great to make a folder with just the edited images, then export those to iphoto. But I can't figure out how to separate the edited from the non-edited images.  There may be a completely simple way to do this, but I just can't find it.


Can anyone provide advice on how to distinguish/separate edited images from those that haven't been touched?  In large quantity, so I can't just flip through image-by-image to figure it out.  Help is greatly appreciated.  (And for all future work, I promise to keep things better organized!   22,000 images snuck up on me quickly!)




Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Hi Janine,


    With the most recent updates of iPhoto and Aperture, there is no reason to "bring the Aperture images into iPhoto".  The two programs' Libraries have the same file format.  You can open any Library in either program.


    See this page for information on how to merge your Libraries into one:

    How to use Aperture to merge iPhoto libraries


    I suggest merging everything, and then using Aperture to weed and prune your collection, and to lay out new flower beds.


    You can easily filter in Aperture for Images that have adjustments applied.  Use the filter Rule "Adjustments" set to "Are applied".  Add the Rule to the Filter HUD if it's not there.


    Good luck.  As you know, setting up a good import and processing workflow is the only way to avoid getting swamped by your productivity.

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    What versions of iPhoto and Aperture do you have? The latest version of both can open the same Library.That removes the necessity of exporting Raws and losing processing.






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    Thanks for the response.  I am trying to combine libraries as I'll be moving to a computer that will only have iPhoto and I would like the convenience of having everything together in one (very large) library.  Aperture is V3 and whatever the latest update happens to be. And I'm using iPhoto 11, also with the latest update.

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    Hi Kirby,

    That's a lot of very good information... Thank you!