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It's a disgrace for Apple to charge for this adaptor. I spend £100's each year on their products and am now feeling ripped off while they hold back on features to make money on future releases but this is the last straw, making me pay for something THEY decided to change!!!!

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    Yes, an adaptor should have been included with every device. 


    But lets play devils advocate.


    What if I was a brand new customer.  Never owned an ipod or iphone with that old connector before and lets pretend they will never encounter a time when they need to borrow or use a charger or accessory from a friend.  Why would that person want the adapter? 


    How about 5 years from now and the old connections are starting to become a memory like Firewire versions are now.  If apple were including the adapter in the products when would it be ok for them to stop including it?


    I'm not really ticked off about not including the adapter.  My complaint is that they should be selling these things for far cheaper.  It should be one of those rare items where Apple doesn't make any profit on selling them.  Make it a $5 item.  Cheap enough you can just buy one for every charger and dock device you have laying about and leave it there. 


    Lets hope it's a simple enough product that third parties can license the connector and produce cheaper versions and versions which might work better. 


    I'm thinking if I were a third party accessory maker I would be looking to make a converter that fits nicely into the old docking cradle space and covers it nicely with a new cradle to help the new phone stand up nicely.