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  • Chelito19 Level 1 Level 1

    not just ur phone has to be the "Bill To" phone number

  • NightNinjaPDX Level 2 Level 2

    True dat Neeguh!!

  • rweydeck Level 1 Level 1


    This method works. I guess Apple is not updated, but mine is showing that it was processed on 9/15 and first scan was 9/16.

    Go to UPS website, go to more options (under tracking), enter your phone number for reference number, your country and zip.

  • iPhoNettie Level 2 Level 2

    Hey, thanks for that!  That's awesome.   I ordered by 3:03am est and got my confirmation email at 3:08am and haven't gotten any other notifications since and on my Apple order it still only says prepare for shipment.    Now on the UPS site it says it has departed Addison, IL and I'll have my package by 3pm on 9/21.   I've had every version iPhone Apple has made and I still get excited!   Can't wait!

  • Gordon Van Huizen Level 1 Level 1

    Nice touch -- thanks for that!


    Mine is hanging out in Anchorange, presumably along with many of yours.

  • noliesjustlovex11 Level 1 Level 1

    My tracking information was showing up for the longest time and i tried every phone number i could think of and my order number a bunch of different ways.


    It didn't work for me until i put in my specific zipcode. The regular 5 digit zipcode plus a dash and 4 more digits. if you don't know your specific zipcode, it is listed under your billing and shipping addresses in apple.


    if you still haven't been able to access your tracking info, i hope that helps.

  • rvjdonjuan Level 1 Level 1

    Attention everyone: sign up for ups my choice premium if you are worried about what time it'll arrive Friday. I've been a member for about 1.5 years and everytime a package is sent to my home I get delivery options. I can deliver to a neighbor or leave on porch or deliver to a ups store and others including a 5 dollar option for a 2 hour confirmed delivery window that charges u only after package is delivered. I pay 40 per year for ups my choice premium. I get ALOT of deliveries so it's well worth it. So go check it out if you need your package early or during a 2 hour window.


    With all that said I was able to track both my orders and they are set to deliver Friday between 11:30am and 1:30pm :)

    iPhone 5 here I come.

  • turbo95eg6 Level 1 Level 1

    This finally worked, thank you

  • Pearie Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the UPS option! I called Apple today and they said, "Your phone will be coming to you on 9/21" but she couldn't confirm that it had shipped. o.0


    Just wanted confirmation that my phone is in fact coming on Friday.

  • RayTrace77 Level 1 Level 1

    Nice, mine says 9/21 on the Apple website but im in the UK, we got no inclination of when its gonna be shipped but am hoping we get something either today or tomorrow.

  • Caravan Shaker Level 1 Level 1

    Although the difference between my receiving my phone this Friday as promised or a month from now is really not that large an issue for me, I must say I'm starting to feel a wee bit left out of the party as I see that so many people have long since had at least some degree of shipping/tracking information.


    It seems like the overwhelming majority of people on this thread pre-ordered directly from Apple as opposed to their carrier.  As for me, I completed my order at 3:15 AM EST (12:15 AM Apple time) on Verizon's web site.  My confirmation email with a 09/21 delivery date came in seconds after my order was complete, which stated "Thank you for your order. It is being processed and you will receive notification once it has shipped.".  A link for checking the status at Verizon was also included.


    I have never received a second email, and I have checked the status every day, which has been solidly stuck as: "We received your order and it is in process. Expected Ship Date: 09/21/2012".  Naturally I've tried the various permutations of the "track by reference" trick that has worked for so many of you to no avail.  So, I am definitely not counting on seeing my phone on the 21st.  That said, I would bet a small (very small) sum of money that my tracking info will magically appear at the 11th hour, and when I check the status at UPS it will be "IN TRANSIT / ON TIME".


    Either way, I still find this whole thing more than a little perplexing.     If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might even wonder if this lack of directly available tracking numbers might be by design as a hedge against millions of customers obsessively banging on UPS's site throughout the week leading up to Friday.


  • ChromeDreams Level 1 Level 1

    My phone is finally in "prepare for shipping" status.  I checked UPS with  my phone number and it said a label was created.  I was worried that I was not gonna get my phone on friday but it seems as if Apple has stood by their word and I will have my phone on 9/21.  My order for 32GB white iPhone 5 went in @ 3:45AM EST.

  • Chugalug63 Level 1 Level 1

    I think you will be ok.. mine is sitting in KY for past 2 days.. still no updates. They may not be updating tracking status.  I ordered mine at 3:20am eastern

  • ether28 Level 1 Level 1

    Anyone else that ordered only 1 iphone 5 getting tracking info for 2 packages.  I went on UPS and typed in my phone number as a reference and there is 2 packages with the same tracking number coming up.  Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Stealt Vater Level 1 Level 1

    What size of iPhone is everyone getting?

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