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    Yeah, I'm hoping it's not a big deal tomorrow.  I've got icloud, itunes, photos, contacts, everything synced ready to go and working great.  But no LTE or voice service... 3g internet seems to be SLOWLY functioning lol.

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    they might not need to change out your sim...  when I went to the Apple Store onlaunch day to see how busy they were, ATT staff were present and they were just entering customers' IEMI or something like that number into their system to activate the phones. 

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    Well that's what Verizon tried doing tonight.  But my sim is tied to the IMEI from the phone I originally received today.  They have since switched that phone out with a new one, thinking that would solve this issue.


    So I have my original sim, but already a new phone.  I need a new sim, so they say, because the one I have is tied to the original account, which they have now canceled.


    What a mess.

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    I have a situation where i pre ordered an phone5 for one of my line on Sept 14 @ almost 4 am because my number was not available for upgrade because for some reason it was not reversed back to it's original plan when i tried the samsung galaxy for 1 week last January 2012. I called at&t to fix it and they did but the lady said it won't kick in until after 3 days. To my surprised around 9 am Sept 14, the number is already available for upgrage so i pre order another one for my cell number. The first order was scheduled for delivery by Oct 5 and the last one is Oct 10. When i saw the first one went fr processing to preparing for shipment(3 days), then out for  shipment, i cancelled my second pre order because the status is still processing. it took 5 days to get the phone delivered( today) to my address which is in Chicago. When i came home from work @10 pm i called at&t to tell them that i wanted my iphone 5 to use on my cell number instead of the line that was originally ordered, and the agent just checked the IP# on the iphone 5 and in less than 5 minutes she transfrerred my line to my new iphone 5. Now i'm syncing it to get it ready for tomorrow. Thanks to Courtney from At&T.

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    Imei and sim are not linked nor are they the same.  You should be good to go unless so etching flags in their system for them not being the ones that shipped.  Either way its their problem to deal with and correct, not yours.

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    Sims identify an account, not imeis

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    Update, my order was cancelled this morning.  It's has left a bad taste in my mouth.  Now I'll have to reorder and wait until the end of the month to get it.

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    I preordered iPhone 5 on 9/16 from apple store and am still in order is processing mode although they have already charged me for AppleCare plus.  Phone was supposed to arrive 10/10-10/16. Anyone else who ordered then (when it was 2-3 week delay) have any updates on when they will be shipped?   Thanks

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    Well, a week later and enough ******** on my behalf to drive some people crazy, I thought it was only fair to come back with a reply now that everything is working fine.


    Other than my initial hiccups, which I believe were probably more of a "Verizon thing" than an "Apple thing" I must say, this is the most flawless device I have ever owned.


    I can't believe it took me this long to switch to IOS, has it always been this great, or is it just IOS6?  The device is BLAZING FAST, and never faulters, EVER.  There are no hiccups, slowdowns, lag, ever at all EVER.  The screen is gorgeous... and I'm thankful I didn't buy a galaxy S3 because this phone already takes up most of my pocket, yet comfortably.  I have done everything possible trying to make this thing lock up, open tons of applications, quickly switch back and forth from one game/app to another, but nothing seems to effect it... it just cuts through every task like better.  LTE is 3-4 times faster than both my home and office internet connection.  Voice quality on phone calls is fantastic, probably better than my work line, camera is amazing... and the mapping program?  I don't get all the hype... the turn by turn mapping and navigation system have yet to fail me, and I used it everywhere I went this weekend whether I needed mapping or not, just to test it out.


    At this point in time, I can't seem to find a single thing wrong with this phone.... I mean literally, I have 0 complaints....


    Considering I unintelligently, and without proper edducation, badmouthed IOS for the past 5 years while enjoying my Android OS, I take it all back.... I never understood the iPhone hype, then I purchased an iPhone 5... I quickly caught on to what everyone who owns one, is talking about...


    And don't call me an apple fanboy, I've had ONE iPhone for a weeks time... But like my macbook pro compared to every PC I've ever used.. "It just works better, all the time, without fail."



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