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Hi, so I plan to pre-order the iPhone 5 tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure where I should do this. I have Verizon, so should I preorder on their website, or Apple's (assuming the website is up and running)? I plan to do this around 6:30 am Central time, so about 4 hours in. Is this soon enough? I'd like to make sure I get it on the 21st.


Also, I'm part of a family plan that we've had on verizon. We have two iPhone 4's both with unlimited because we were allowed to keep it on those phones after they removed unlimited option. The other two phones in the plan are basic phones, and the iPhone 5 will only be replacing one of the basic phones right now. So will it make us change the plan right then and there during preorder from verizon or something? And when we do have to change to a share everything plan, is 6 gb data er month enough for 2 moderate/slightly-heavy data users, one moderate/low data user, and one non-data using basic phone?


Thanks in advance!