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Hi all,


When I want to edit the audio of a subclip created in FCP, the entire clip opens in Soundtrack, not just the portion of it that I've made into a subclip. Even if I mark the In and Out in FCP, it opens without showing this segment, so I can't see where the specific portion is.


I'm new to using Soundtrack as my editing tool, and my requirements of it are pretty basic, just clean up and cut up audio clips.


Is it possible to:


– create an audio subclip within Soundtrack? Hopefully something similar to FCP such as marking the In and Out > CMD + U.




– edit the audio of a FCP subclip without saving the clip first as a separate file? (e.g select subclip in FCP > right click > open in editor, perform the edit then see the changes immediately when I roundtrip to FCP)


Thank you,


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 12Gb RAM; Final Cut Studio