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chadwick wick Level 1 Level 1

i need to make a list that is side by side


ranger                                                                 rzr

bla                                                                       bla






im having a very hard time, i wrote it all out in a list thinking i could get it to go to the next column but i can not and even typing it out with normal format it makes it very hard to go to the next line, please help

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), textedit
  • gail from maine Level 7 Level 7

    Hi chadwick,


    Not sure if this is what you mean, but let's say your list has 10 items. You know which 5 items you want in the first "column" and the 5 items you want in your second "column":


    Type in the first word for the first column then press the tab as many times as you need to start the second column and type in the first word for your second column. Hit the return key and type in the second word, first column, tab (x times), type in the second word, second column, etc.


    word one    (tab,tab, tab)  word two (return)

    word three  (tab, tab, tab) word four (return)        

    word five    (tab, tab, tab) word six (return) etc.....         


    Is that what you are looking for?





  • Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8

    Set the format to Rich Text and insert a Table.

    Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 6.48.25 AM.pngScreen Shot 2012-09-14 at 6.48.43 AM.png


    If you are trying to convert a list such as:


    Item 1

    Item 2

    Item 3

    Item 4


    to look like:


    Item 1          Item 2

    Item 3          Item 4


    It isn't going to happen automatically.

  • BobHarris Level 6 Level 6

    Can you use a Spreadsheet?  Spreadsheets do not need to be numbers.