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I did purchase the extended Service Care plan. In May of 2010, the battery warped and bubbled out of the bottom casing, Apple replaced the battery with speedy professional service.  Now two years later, the same thing has happened, the battery warped causing the inability to use the trackpad button.  I shut down, unplugged and got a nice burn from the hot battery, it actually caused a nice burn on my arm when I was turning it over. I'm glad it didn't burn down my house.  So now I have to purchase another one of these crummy batteries and hope for a 2 year life?  There is obviously a design flaw.  Never have I had this problem on the many Windows laptop/notebooks I have owned.

My Service Care had expired, but I'm not comfortable in buying the same flawed battery.  I think Apple should replace this for free, at the very least, replace it witha battery that wont bubble and burn people.


Any suggestions how I take this up with Apple without getting charged $49.95 for a call?  Are there any generic Apple batteries that are worth looking at.  The only other problem I have had was overheating with the fan and those little rubber feet on the bottom that were suppose elevate and cushion the heavy MacBook Pro, they always fell off. now all gone.  I asked about this when under warranty and they told me they didnt have any replacements??? Now I see they are offering that service for the MacBook Pro update that followed mine, ALONG WITH A REPLACEMENT RECALL FOR THE BATTERY!!!!


So Apple, riddle me this...why admit design flaws in updated MacBooks and never with my model?  They're the same exact issues?



MacBook Pro 17" 2.5, Mac OS X (10.5.4)