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  • DoctorDee Level 1 Level 1
    Photos for Mac

    This isn't about entitlement. This isn't even about me thinking that they SHOULD give an adaptor with every iPhone 5. This is about a legally binding (in UK law) offer of sale that specifically listed the adaptor as included.


    If they had not listed it, I would not expect it (or feel entitled to it in your parlance). But they did list it, so I actually am "entitled" to it under UK retail law. They have two legal options in UK law, to either supply the item or to give a full refund. Giving the refund will cost them more than giving the item... yet it is still the option they have chosen to take.


    Clearly they do not WANT my custom. I'm entitled to do what I like in response.

  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6

    This isn't about entitlement.


    I'm entitled to do what I like in response.


    Thanks for the followup.  I'm now clear that Apple made the right choice in this particular case.

  • Misty2 Level 1 Level 1

    I can understand expecting them to honor what they stated, but like you said, they offered you a full refund, which is an option of theirs by law.  It is your choice to stop doing business with them, which seems a bit extreme to me, but it is certainly your choice!     I would think it would be easy for them to go ahead and send the adapters to those people who saw it, but who knows? 


    But yeah, there are a lot of smartypants d***s on here who find themselves to be much more amusing than anybody else does.    Hey, as long as they're easily amused. 

  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6

    Believe me, the moment I thought that I would be amusing to someone like you, it would be time to blow my brains out.

  • Thorran Level 1 Level 1

    I was mislead by this and I feel let down by Apple's response - they also drew my attention to the E&OE clause on their website.  


    Returning the unit isn't an option for me as I have purchased some expensive software that is locked to the specific phone.   I also suspect that people who have new phone contracts may have difficulty ceasing them.  I don't suppose many would persue this option anyway.


    Apple also had an opportunity to clarify this by email to the customers who had pre ordered during the time misinformation was posted on their web site.


    All in all I feel for the first time that Apple are not being the honourable company I had previously regarded them as, having admitted that they mislead their customers.  I know Apple has an increasingly bad reputation in terms of their litigation and business practices with other companies/competitors but they have always seemed fair with their customers... no more it seems.  A sign of the changing times at Apple.   


    A shame as Apple invest so much time and $$$ on branding... and then let such a small thing damage it.

  • Steve108108 Level 1 Level 1

    The same thing happened to me and I am persuing with Apple, but currently have had no reply.


    You are quite correct as regards your legal options:


    Faulty goods, no acceptance


    If the item does not conform to contract (is faulty ) for any of the reasons mentioned previously, and the customer has not accepted the goods, the law says the customer is entitled to:


    reject the goods and claim a full refund, or


    request a repair or replacement if that is the customer's preferred option.

    (Source: lained)


    I don't want a refund, so they need to supply the missing adapter it's as simple as that.  It's not as if they can't afford it, they've got over $100 billion in the bank!

  • tiggara Level 1 Level 1

    I love apple pie .

  • Peter Dee M Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with this. Apple being a premium brand has been providing substandard equipmnt for a while. The iPhone was groundbreaking but now every phone has caught up and suprassed the iPhone. We buy the latest iPhone because Apple cunningly makes the software that you buy, only work on this device. No problem with that per se but when you know that people spend huge amounts of money on peripherals and then you change the interface, you should really provide a free or at least cheap solution.


    Apple are bullies and this is pure gouging.


    I'll be making th switch. It's a substandard product anyway. Just because it's pretty, doesn't make it any good.

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