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Just got my new MBP and upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion in the process. Computer seems to work great, but Aperture now has this odd "slideshow" like fade when I toggle to my images in full screen. It's slow and distracting, more gimmicky than anything else. Does anyone know how to disable this?


Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere...couldn't find a thread by searching.


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MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), Aperture 3, Glyph drives, etc.
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    A few weeks of living with this problem has not made it any easier to deal with. Every time I toggle between the image and full screen when I am doing photo editing it's distracting and slows down my workflow. In short, it's affecting my work, and slowing me down when I do projects and need to meet deadlines.


    I've kept searching the web for a way to turn this off--apparently it happens in Quicktime player also--but haven't come up with anything that works for Mountain Lion.


    So...once again I humbly beseech this community of wise experts for a possible solution. 


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    that is built in and not a feature, that can be turned off. I searched for hidden defaults in the program and the preferences file, but could not find anything.


    Please write feedback to Apple and ask to add an option for this. It is really hard to compare images, if they keep fading away all the time.

    The same problem occurs in iPhoto btw.






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    Thanks, Leonie. It's nice to know I'm not a lone voice crying out in the wilderness! I find it hard to believe that other photographers who use Aperture for professional work aren't bothered by this feature.


    My problem is that yes, a direct "cut" from one image to the other--like it used to be!--is the only practical way to compare photos...


    I have tried to find ways to "turn off animations" in the Mac OS, but it seems that none of the old methods that worked with Lion worked with Mountain Lion.


    I will take your advice and write feedback to Apple.