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My 3GS is all but dead.  i cant connect to a wifi source unless i am within 15' radius and my cell signal never breaks 1 bar even though my wife's 3G will hit a wifi signal from anywhere in my 3200sqft house and her cell signal never drops below 3 bars in the same area which i am.


With that said, i am obviously looking to upgrade and voila! the iPhive is due soon.  but here's the rub (as all of you know), the wonderful new phone is a completely different adapter which means it's absolutely useless/worthless to the different devices which i am able to connect my 3GS (6 to be exact).  On the bright side, all 6 devices have capability to connect to non-iphone devices as well.  So here's my question:  will Apple be providing an adapter with each iPhive to aleviate the need to spend more money on overpriced adapter or will they screw over the loyal users and force us to either seek alternative smartphones in lieu of buying a whole slew of adapters to work with the new iPhive?


While i realize providing the rubberband of sovreignty to all 4-4s users to fixed the borked antenna issue is a much cheaper initiative than supplying adapters, considering the position Apple is forcing consumers into, an included adapter seems not only logical but also customer service friendly.  For as much as Apple claims to be Customer Service oriented, i can't imagine them NOT including an adapter.


I guess it just depends on how much money third party marketers are kicking back to Apple to NOT include the adapter, thus forcing consumers to make the choice of buy the phone and bit the bullet or switch to a different phone since quite obviously that means having new adapters anyway.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1, 3GS wont stay connected to wifi.
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    Technology is a changing in everything! We either adapt or don't, it takes money to keep up with the latest and greatest! You could get a iphone 4 for 99 cents now and it would work with all of your other gadgets still!

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    Wow...Rant much?


    To answer your primary question, no, an adapter will not be included. It is not something required by every person buying an iPhone 5. However the earpods, lightning/USB cable and wall adapter will be included. Since the adapter is not something that is required for every iPhone to function, you will have to purchase that seperately. I hope that answers your question. Have a great day.

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    $29 for the adapter is nuts.  I would need 1 for my car, 1 for my office, 2 for my house.  I am going to hold off on getting the iphone 5 untill 3rd party cases and adapters are available.


    Apple is entitled to make money, but $29 is way too much.

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    You realize the lightning cable itself is $19, right? You don't need an adapter for every single location, unless that is how you want it. I ordered an adapter for home and one for my laptop bag for travel. The phone comes with a cable and wall adapter, so that replaces one for charging at my bedside. The same cable connects to my computer, or I can purchase an extra one. When I travel I have multiple cables and the one adapter so I can use any of the cables for my phone or iPad in the hotels, cars, and offices.


    $50 for an adapter and an extra cable costs a lot less than $180 for 6 adapters.

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    What’s in the box?

    • iPhone 5 with iOS 6
    • Documentation
    • Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic
    • One-year limited hardware warranty
    • Lightning to USB Cable
    • 90 days complimentary telephone support
    • USB Power Adapter
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    i belive what most of you fail to understand is that i am not refering to a power adapter or adapter to connect to my computer.  i am talking about the "Lightning" cable to what will now become "Legacy" connections... such as the iHome-type devices, the adapter connection in my car, etc.


    basically, third party companies have paid Apple enough money to convince them NOT to include an adapter to legacy devices.  gotcha.

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    i am using 6' cables rather than the standard apple cables because the standard ones are too short.  Also, i have an ihealth blood pressure monitor.

  • MLadd Level 3 (660 points)

    I understand fine. But geesh, they're not trying to screw anyone. Why anyone would do any type of busines with a company that they felt were doing that intentionally is beyond me.

    MJRX8 wrote:


    basically, third party companies have paid Apple enough money to convince them NOT to include an adapter to legacy devices.  gotcha.


    Pretty thin, no? Based on what? What third party company has enough money to convince Apple to redesign an entirely new adapter connection, and THEN retool all of their existing manufacturing processes to handle that change they just bribed them to do? Even a cursory understanding of the manufacturing process makes your comment invalid.

  • MLadd Level 3 (660 points)

    My wife has a glucose meter and I use 8' cables also. That's why I purchased an adapter for each of us.

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    Ok so let's work out how much I need to spend on adapters!


    We have 3 iPhone 4's in the house which I would love to upgrade to iPhone 5's plus 1 ipod touch which again I would love to upgrade.


    We have 1 speaker dock in the dining room, 1 in the living room and 2 upstairs! Now charging is not a problem cos I will get lightning cables with all the new devices!


    All of my docks are on many occasions being used at once!


    So I need £120 worth of adapters.... Which to be honest are a bit ugly and I'm not convinced will fit some of my devices!!!


    I got about £400 quids worth of equiptment which is now redundant unless I spend another £120!!


    I personally am only one of many whos is not happy with having to buy the adapter!


    I understand the need to move with times and thik the cable is brilliant! But common I bet it only costs a fiver to make!!!

  • MLadd Level 3 (660 points)

    "Many" is relative. A few people who will constantly complain about any change to a new product does not constitute "Many". They are a loud minority.


    You would "love" to upgrade the devices, but you "need" adapters? You want to spend $800-$1,400 US (depending on configuration) and then complain about a need to buy an extra $120 in adapters for $300 in equipment?  Sorry, I have no pitty for you.


    Since it'll be weeks before you get your devices anyway (as you have not orderd them yet), why not take a deep beath, relax, and see what the hundreds of accessory makers will have available in short time?

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    I would not complain, but $29??? really Apple? c'mon, that is OUTRAGEOUS!


    It will take months for third parties to catch up. This adapter should be INCLUDED FOR FREE FOR THE FIRST 3-6 MONTHS MINIMUM. Perhaps only for those that already have an idevice.


    As of the last quarterly report, Apple has nearly $8 billion cash on hand. They can afford to give these away to early adopters and there is no need to make at least 80% profit off of it.


    I can understand a video adapter for a $1000+ MacBook Pro costing $29, but this is really outrageous. They are only doing it because they can get away with it. DON'T LET APPLE DO THIS!! I am sure this can't even cost $5 for apple. This is called price gouging.

  • MLadd Level 3 (660 points)

    Then don't buy one. Geesh. Take a pill or two.

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    For me I would rather have the adapter included instead of the earpods. Headphones/earphones is something I don't really need more of.

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