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  • ratmannx Level 1 (15 points)

    well maybe with att&t you cant change the order but with orders made through apple you can change the address

  • Big Joon Level 1 (25 points)

    I'm not familiar with Premier, but as per AT&T I'm told we cannot change the shipping address.  Billing and shipping address must match as per Apple's rules.

  • Big Joon Level 1 (25 points)

    That's good... for Apple orders..    Too bad for us AT&T orders.

  • Temple Thomas Level 1 (0 points)

    ordered mine about 5:30am Central time and got the "processed" email with a delivery date of 9/21 ..

  • Major242829 Level 1 (0 points)

    Premier must be AT&T's third-party vendor for sales. I went directly through AT&T for my upgrade and my order was automatically routed through them.

  • MissKris4 Level 1 (0 points)

    I preordered last night (with Apple, not At&T) at around 1am PDT.  I received the email saying my order was being processed at 1:04am, with the two week ship date.  Earlier today I checked again and it says it will be shipped Oct. 5.  A friend had ordered his 15 minutes earlier and he got the Sept. 21 ship date.  I know it's no one's fault but my own for not getting up at midnight, instead waiting an hour after that, but I'm still very very disappointed.  My question is, if I cancel my order (as of now I still have that option) how do you think my chances will be of getting in store on Sept. 21?  I'm happy I was able to order, but very unhappy I have to now wait 3 weeks.  Just considering other options for getting it a week from today.

  • AbsentEpiphany Level 1 (0 points)

    I also pre-ordered throught AT&T's Premier at 8:00 AM PST. I got an email confirmation, and when I check the status it says pending. What bothers me is that both the Apple and AT&T web site site say my phone is eligible for upgrade, when it should say I can't. I asked a friend if they could upgrade "again" after preordering and they would get an error of some kind.

  • DRK1031 Level 1 (0 points)

    I ordered through ATT website at 3:03 am. EST.

    Confirmation email says delivery on Sept. 21.

  • DRK1031 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same situation on my credit card.

    It's been charged.

  • Linnberg Level 1 (0 points)

    WE have AT&T Premier because we had to set up that way as a small business account with 3 phones.   I got up at 3 a.m. EST and as 4:30 a.m., the site was still unavailable while At&T, Verizon and Apple were all working and scheduled for 9/21 delivery.  None of the other sites would let me preorder because the last 4 digits of my SS was our business and could not be verified by Apple or even AT&T and told me it was a business account and needed to be accessed by AT&T business.

    Woke up at 7 a.m. And finally ordered as upgrade.  Email stated - pending - and still shows that way and no new info and cancel button still shows.  Guess I should plan on being screwed and not get on 9/21 as originally promised.  Also told by many Premier users that it is worst site and not treated like regular residence customers which is absurd since it does not sound like Premier service at all!

  • weaponxavenger Level 1 (5 points)

    My mother is the AT&T account holder and the iPhone 5 will ship to her address but I have the billing address for my credit card. I called Apple twice and confirmed this is fine.

  • kolonialone Level 1 (0 points)

    I stil hadn't gotten the second email or a text this morning so I went to the order status page and now it says PREORDER PROCESSING and below that the CANCEL ORDER button was back so I clicked it, went through the whole process and then said it was unsuccessful in cancelling the order.  So, I go to my bank account and there's the charge from AT&T, sometime during the night, they charged me, yet still no email.  Typical Premier service.

  • kolonialone Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, I called AT&T Premier and they confirmed what I had suspected.  Even though I submitted my order at 7:45am CDT on 09/14, they didn't receive my order until just over 9 hours ago.  So, basically I got screwed as a Premier customer because the rep said that my order wouldn't ship out until between Oct 4 and 15th.  I told her to cancel it and she said she successfully cancelled the order.  I'm supposed to get an email confirmation of that.  I'll take my chances in the stores.

  • Linnberg Level 1 (0 points)

    AT&T Premier is for anyone who has AT&T mobility/wireless through a business.  From what I read in past, Premier is definitely the opposite of Premier meaning "lower quality service."  Could not access my account thru AT&T or Apple online and had to order through Premier online which I accessed at 7:05 a.m est on 9/14:


    After hearing that delivery was now 14-21 days, I called Premier at 9:30 this morning est and gave my order number and they confirmed and my status at AT&T Premier still showed as pending  (they do answer even though it says M-F) and said I would receive in 14-21 days NOT 9/21 as promised!


    However, after reading some comments about being updated, I just checked again at 10:55 a.m. EST today and now I have the following:

    Where pending was it now says "preorder processing"/cancel button and I can no longer UPGRADE my phone under status.  It still has not charged my Credit Card anything.  But it does seem to have made some progress from an hours ago. Not sure it it had to do with call.  Also, note I ordered WHITE 64 GB AT&T Premier.  I assume that could hurt order as White are harder to get.


    Hope this helps but remember Premier is totally different so expect different emails/updates at site.


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  • cyblitz Level 1 (0 points)

    My fellow iPhoners,


    I got my order in for the 16GB Black at around 11 AM Central Time yesterday (14th)... was hugely surprised to see that At&T still had stock after Apple and Verizon started slipping on their shipping dates. Perhaps a reflection of a mass move over to VZ as far as iphone ownership is concerned???


    In anycase, I got the confirmation email, text and on att site the item status says "Processing". Looks like am all set for getting the delivery on the 21st and will be mightily P.Od if att reneges on that promise.




    P.S: My credit card account shows a pending charge from ATT for $ 216 (its the Texas price!) ..

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