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  • RickAu Level 1 (5 points)

    I am not calling IOS 6 or iPhone 5 retrograde the phone and IOS sound briliant just the maps a retrograde step

  • Rickeyjt Level 1 (0 points)

    A lot of suggesting who needs street view and how you should run your life, ha.  If you want it, you want it.  I hate that companies that take away features.  A lot of times they think 'most' people don't want or need them.  It costs little to do it.  But in this case I am sure there are some licensing and competitive noses out of joint; e.g., no Flash, on and on.


    Ok, enough bashing.  Here is your solution.


    A nice little program called Photon.  It displays Flash very smoothly on your iPxxx.  $4.99 and well worth the price.


    Now open in the Photon browser and . . . yippie! Street View.


  • ckar Level 1 (0 points)

    NO! I am still using a 3GS, and. having not paid attention to this news, was unpleasantly suprised to find my Google maps gone after I thoughtlessly agreed to accept the OS upgrade.


    I don't suppose there is a way to take my phone back to iOS 5? I would be MUCH happier. I always used street view and walking directions in the city and am going to miss it tremendously. A little heads up would be nice if the company is going to take away a standard app and replace it with something completely different.


    Maybe I will make that switch to Android for my next phone...

  • RickAu Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Rickeyjt


    Thaks for suggestion I downloaded Photon and it works but very poorlyboth on iPad and iPhone (both still running IOS5). I am going to stick with IOS5 and not new iPhone untilo google come up with App with Street view. Since my original post I have used Street view about 6 times to find places, It is SO useful. Any iPhone user I have spoken to are extremely disappointed that they upgraded to IOS 6. Apple's claims that 70% (a few weeks ago) have moved to new IOS - guess those were people like our friend ckar who were unaware of implications until too late.


    Wish Apple and Google stop all these legal fights and use the money wasted on lawyers to develop better products. The awards they get in compensation sound a lot but are peanuts in the overall profits of the companies



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