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    Actually, Verizon has never locked the CDMA portion of their handsets. Ever. They have always been sold CDMA unlocked. Verizon and Sprint phones are interchangable, the carriers in the US just choose to not allow activation of the others' phones in most cases. Sprint has always MSL-locked their handsets, however you can get the MSL from Sprint and remove the lock. It's just a matter of if the other carrier will support activation of the equipment. Same with the international carrier but the situation gets more sketchy with iPhone 5 due to the fact LTE/CDMA handsets act a bit different from legacy CDMA devices.

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    Why do you insist on misinforming people? First you said "no way they'll be gsm unlocked from Verizon." Wrong. Then you had the nerve to come back and say wrong information on cdma as well? Go away, man. You aren't helping this thread in any way whatsoever.

  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,325 points)

    You don't know what you're talking about. The an iPhone can only be used on the CDMA carrier it was intended for. Flashing them to a different network would be hacking, if it would even work, and the CDMA carriers will not let you bring your own phone anyway.

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    what i mean is most of the time im in ASIA & middle east, but my current country doesnt have yet LTE so this coming month i will go in ASIA where LTE is available, so can i use the iPhone 5 verizon over LTE with other carriers?

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