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The invitee gets it on their calendar, but not via email notification (so they have to look at every day of their calendar to see if something's been added tentatively).  Likewise, I'm not able to receive invitations at all (on ipad or iphone, but yes, it's on the calendar - again, it's on my calendar if I know to look at it). 

Apple tech couldn't figure it out either, so they've forwarded it to their engineers.  This started with my business partners iphone, then it happened to his iPad.  I tested the problem on my iPad (working perfectly with the calendar function) by adding his account, then it killed my iPad calendar invite function AND, then it happened on my iPhone.


In testing, I deleted my iCloud account (what I believe the problem is), and it totally deleted my ability to invite anyone from my Exchange (Google Apps for Business setup as an Exchange account) calendar screen (as in, it removed the "invite" option all together).  This is the most bizarre behaviour I've ever seen.


So, when I go to my desktop, I'm able to send invitations just fine to other people that don't possess either my partners i-devices, or now mine.


Reminds me of the good old "Mobile Me" days...

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    DId you ever get this resovled?  I'm having the same issue!

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    I wish.  I'm STILL working with Apple Tech.  I did find another thread that lead me to believe it involves your Apple ID and changing email addresses associated with that ID.  I know if doesn't make sense, but neither does any of this.  This is absolutely killing us.

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    As a temporary workaround (because I refuse to wipe my devices and start over) I've found that if you are using gmail as an exchange account, you can use the google calendar app on your ipad or iphone or computer to add your event and it will send the notifications.

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    Funny - I went in Google Calendar settings and added alerts to our phones (as a text message).  It has worked bit still not getting email alert.

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    My G-Apps email account has always been setup as an Exchange account, but unfortunately, when I add the event, it still doesn't send the email alerts to the invited person.

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    New iOS update 6.0.1 11/2/12 fixes this problem.

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    It didn't fixed for me.

    I am receiving invitations from my wife (but only if she sends invitation to my address @cloud/@me, NOT if she sends invitations to my primary mail @gmail that is also my apple ID)


    In any case, the opposite doesn't work: my invitations are not received from my wife, no mater which address i use for her (@yahoo, @me, @icloud)... and she doesn't receive my answer to her invitations.


    We have th EXACT same settings for icloud, calendar, mail...


    This is getting ridiculous, none of the mambo-jambo-voodoo tricks that i read on this forum worked for me.