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After updating from lion to mountain lion the finder stops responding and you can't restart the finder it just sits their and dose nothing.

Is their a way to go back to lion until they get all the bugs ou of mountain lion.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    whyisdaddt wrote:


    Is there a way to go back to lion until they get all the bugs out of mountain lion?


    Yes there is but your problem is not a bug. There are millions and millions of others who are not having any problems whatsoever with ML. The problem is almost positively an issue with your particular system.

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    Try the quick & easy first...


    Go to your Finder "Go" menu hold the option key and choose Library. Then go to Preferences folder and trash these files:




    Then, restart, or log out and in again.

    (You will have to reset a few finder prefs the way you like them.)

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    Thanks I tryed that it helped some but it still hung up , I reinstallen Mountian Lion again and this time the installed acted different and as for right now it seames to be working much better ,Im not sure if it did not install every thing the first time or not but its working and if its not broken don't fix it

    thanks again

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    Glad to hear it's sorted