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How can I stop the setup assistant on a new iMac? I have interupted the Migration/Setup assistant as it indicated that transfer of data woul dtake 48 hours and it was still rising.  I had to turn of the source iMac to stop the Migration Assitant at that end.  Turning the target (new) iMac off and on brings back the same migration assistant window stating it will take 48 hours to transfer.


Anyone any thoughts on how get round this problem please?  Thanks Wally

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Bonjour
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    Shut down the machine, connect it via wire to the Internet modem, restart, and use the Setup Assistant to transfer from your other, but unidentified machine. See Pondini's Setup New Mac guide for details. Trying to do anything wirelessly is an exercise in futility, since it's the slowest of all transmission devices.