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3 years ago (2009) I used an Apple upgrade bundle to move from Logic Express to Logic Pro on my iMac. Since then I've updated Logic Pro to the latest version on my iMac running under Lion. Now I've got a new MacBookPro + MountainLion and wanted to move everything including Logic Pro on my new machine. I was told it's no good idea to use the Migration Assistant for moving LogicPro but do a clean install instead.


Now I'm sitting hear wondering weather the 3 year old upgrade bundle will make a nice clean install. It will install a version (9.0.x I suppose) that doesn't even run under Lion nor will work under Mountain Lion. And it might look for a previously installed Logic Express and find none. So, what should I do?


Thx for your help!

Logic Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), MacBook Pro
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    I forgot to add: this is about LogicPro Studio (including MainStage, AppleLoops, all the SW-instruments ... the whole stuff)

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    How many Discs are in the Upgrade package you bought...

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    1 Logic Studio Install DVD

    3 Audio Content DVDs

    3 Jam Pack DVDs

    1 Additional Content

    1 Demo Content


    So 9 DVDs all in all. Why is this important?

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    Because 9 Discs means you have the Full and Complete package and will be able to do the Clean Install...


    Which is Definately the way to go...


    Have the Serial Number for the Express and the Upgrade handy when you Install, you may be asked for them...


    After the Successful Install... go here  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1014


    and Download the Latest Update for Logic and Install it...


    Restart your Mac... Open Logic and away you go...



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    Thanx - that helped - I'll start installing now and let you know if everything went well.

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    McLight wrote:


    Thanx - that helped - ..


    You're Welcome...



    McLight wrote:


    ... I'll start installing now and let you know if everything went well.


    Please do...

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    McLight wrote:


    Thanx - that helped - I'll start installing now and let you know if everything went well.


    Do the Logic 9.0 install discs even work on Mountain Lion, I was under the impression they needed a version of Rosetta installed. (Rosetta does not / will not install under Lion or above)

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    Ok - it's done and all went well. I'll like to add the following observations/tips:

    1. The DVDs work under Mountain Lion (ML) (... and I've never heard of installation DVDs needing Rosetta ;-)
    2. During the installation you'll be asked for you license number of Logic Pro. Shortly after that you're asked in a similar manner again, but - although the installation program don't explicitly tell - this time you have to enter the license number of the previous Logic Express software (the one I used to upgrade from). At first I thought I've made a mistake when entering the Logic Pro number and it took me some time to find out, that I'd done correctly but need the Express number now.
    3. After the DVD installation you'll find everything on your computer (Logic Pro, Mainstage, Wave Burner, Compressor etc.) but Logic Pro will be "crossed out" (the "forbidden sign" shines over it).
    4. Next run the standard upgrade procedure via the apple-menu. This will produce at least 3 updates (Logic Pro, Wave Burner, Mainstage). After running those the "crossed out" sign was gone and I could run Logic Pro.
    5. My Logic Pro startet in 32-bit mode and I had to switch it to 64-bit manually.


    Here are the corresponding screenshots:


    Successfull DVD-Installation:

    1 DVD Installation ok.png


    Logic Pro being "crossed out" after DVD-Installation:

    2 9.0.0 nicht für ML.png


    Lot's of new stuff (beginning with the Q-Master) - but no Logic Pro:

    3 Alles da außer Logic.png


    Running the conventional App-Updater from the Apple-menu produces several updates:

    4 Update LP WB MS.png


    After running the updates Logic Pro is available too:

    6 Jetzt auch mit Logic.png


    Ok - that's it. Special thx @ AnaMusic - you've put me right on track! :-)