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Hi all,


It's the age old ask the community for help on a notebook question...


I've been thinking about getting a MacBook Pro. I'm starting a three year course at university studing Photography for Fashion and Advertising. (So the student discount & giftcard will come in handy)


Now the Air has been rulled out as it will probably under perform on my everyday tasks such as running Photoshop, InDesign and Lightroom.


It's now an issue of size both asthetictly and processor size, do I go for the 13" i7 dual core with the 2.9Ghz? I'll rarely be doing any video work but I do like to keep multipul programs running (Photoshop & InDesign at the same time) or would it be a better option to get the lower spec 15" again with the i7 but with only 2.3Ghz, as I will be working with photoshop and toolbars may get in the way?


It's worth saying that I will have another moniter (19" plus) on a desk when work gets a bit of a pain and I need that little bit more space.


It needs to be a Macbook Pro and not an iMac because I need it to be able to move around with and work on the go as I'm currently doing a little freelance photography.


Thanks for your help,

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