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Hello Experts,

Well I'm finally upgrading my system and have a few questions for the pros out there. 

I'm going from a G5 with Final Cut Studio 2 (that is FCP 5) into I'm not sure what at this point.  I am a semi-professional editor/filmmaker who is looking to step things up.  I have made a couple of documentaries, some shorts and several actor reels.  Unless anyone can say otherwise I've decided on the "27 iMac 3.4 ghz for my machine.  I'm just wondering about the editing software.  I've heard very mixed things about FCPX and am wavering between that and Adobe Premier.  Can anyone  tell me their experience with either?  Should I get a 3rd party copy of FCP7?  Wondering what the major differences are between that and FCP5 are besides Pro-Res.  I'm also looking to get a camera.  A good still with DSLR.  Canon T2i?  Sony 330?  Are there others out there I should be aware of?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.