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On my iTunes external HDD I have discovered a folder called "previous mobile applications", and then another folder under iTunes Media with Mobile applications.

I looked inside the "previous mobile applications" and it has for e.g., 6 versions of the same app.

Why is iTunes keeping these? Can I just delete the folder? its taking up 2.6Gb at the moment.

I'm on a iMac with Mountain Lion, using latest version of all apps as of today.


  • uqbn Level 1 (10 points)

    Trash is not supported on AFP mounted shares. The symptom you see is therefore likely a side effect of this. (c)

    As for me It's benediction. Developers often provide buggy updates of thier apps or perhaps you have obsolete apple iOS device (like iPhone 2G, 3G etc., or iPad of the first generation) — in Previous Mobile Applcation folder you can always find previous ver of the app and install it instead of buggy one or unsupported by your device.

    After all you can purge this folder from time to time or even delete it (but it's gonna be created again during the next update).

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    Ah I see. I used to have my iTunes library on my NAS but it was slow. I then switched to a external USB HDD formatted in HFS+. So the problem could be from when my library was on my NAS?


    All my apps work at the moment so I'm safe to delete the whole folder then?



  • uqbn Level 1 (10 points)

    Yep, you're safe to delete this folder.