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I'm little confused.


A clip (29.97fps) in timeline has the duration -> 00:00:21:26 .

I conformed it to 24fps using Cinema Tools. Looking at Analysis Tab into Cinema Tools,the new duration is 00:00:27:08


obvious,the speed was up. But in fcp,when I compare the original clip with the clip what I conformed to 24fps,

both has the same duration in  timeline.


how is it possible?



  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    do this all the time without seeing your problem. 


    What framerate does quicktime report if you just double click the conformed file?


    And if you select the "conformed" clip in the timeline and hit command-9, what is the frame rate?


    Wait, did you duplicate the clip before you conformed it?  If not, the "old" clip in fcp will be at the conformed frame rate.