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I have downloaded my first book to iTunes connect and I get the big green tick at the end of the process.


On what appears to be the completion of that process the 'Next' label bottom right is not active and it is still inviting you to download the book. I am assuming that the process has completed  correctly because the book can be viewed in 'Manage Your Books'.


Its current status as expected is a 'Red' dot in recent activity. If you click on Stores you get a popup for the Territory you previously loaded and the  'See details' option in this case displays three topics 'Not cleared for sale', 'Book in review', 'Unknown issue'. The first two make sense. The unknown issue invites you to go to 'Contact us' and given that it is an unknown issue that step through process does not make any sense. I am guessing now and that unknown issues is the quality assurance responibility who will report what the unknown issue is by generating a Ticket.


And finally how long does it usual take for the Quality assurance process to be completed.