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Does anyone know how to either pass RAW (Not TIFF or PSD) files between DPP and Aperture with all edits / changes recognized by Aperture?

DPP has great edits like Lens correction and application of picture styles which Aperture does not have. When I pass photos from Aperture to DPP as an external editor they can only go out in TIFF or PSD, which DPP can not apply these edits to (I think). So DPP works great on CR2 and RAW files and all edits available, problem is Aperture does not recognize these edits if I open the DPP edited RAW files in Aperture, and DPP does not apply these edits to the TIFF or PSD files Aperture passes to it.

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.4), All Software and RAW Files updates
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    It's not possible; they're both RAW converters and they do different things.


    You could import photos into DPP, then generate TIFF files which you imported into Aperture.  That would be the only option.

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    RAW is sensor data.  It does not contain any post-exposure adjustments or edits.  Any file that has any post-exposure edits or adjustments is not, and cannot be, RAW.


    You refer to "the DPP edited RAW files".  Such a file cannot exist.  Once the RAW data has been converted to a viewable image file format, it is no longer RAW.  In order for you edits to these files to be saved, your software must create a new file.  This file cannot be RAW.


    As William Lloyd implies, every use of a RAW converter produces an image format file.  You select the image file format (e.g.: JPEG, TIFF).  These image-format files can contain edits and adjustments.  RAW files cannot.


    A practical workflow using Aperture would be to use DPP for conversion and any edits you want to make, then export from DPP as 16-bit TIFF, and import the TIFFs into Aperture for storage and any other adjustments you want to make.  The path through DPP is one-way, though: after you have created the TIFFs, you can't go back to DPP and change them.