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IvoKranj Level 1 Level 1

So I upgraded MacBook Air to Mountain Lion and everything seems fine except I can't use scanner function on my HP 3052 AiO. The printer still prints OK but I can't see scanner anymore.


Can anybody help me?

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
  • ShlomiL Level 3 Level 3


    I affraid scanning is no longer supported for your product while using Mountain Lion, actually the same applies for any Mac OS X version starting from 10.6.

    You may find this information stated in here:

    http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c03411613 #A2


    You may try using an earlier software version (The latest version intended for 10.5), however it is not assured to work and you may try it at your own risk.


    In order to install the previous software you may try following the workaround below:


    1. Enter System Preferences > Print & Scan, select the LaserJet 3052 printer and click the Minus sign to remove it.
    2. Download the Mac OS 10.5 software below by clicking the download button:
      http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en &cc=us&prodTypeId=18972&prodSeriesId=1140784&swItem=ma-58935-1&prodNameId=114077 9&swEnvOID=219&swLang=8&taskId=135&mode=4&idx=0
    3. Follow the installation by skipping the Setup Assistant till the installation will finish.
    4. Perform the following steps in order to provide the Setup Assistant the right permissions to complete on Mountain Lion:
    • Open Terminal from the Utilities folder
    • Type “sudo “ (with space) in the Terminal.
    • Locate the HP Setup Assistant in folder Applications/HP LaserJet Software
    • Right-click (or CTRL+Left click) the HP Setup Assistant and choose “Show Package Contents”.
    • Open the “Contents” folder and then click “MacOS” folder. It should contain the Unix Executable File of HP Setup Assistant.
    • Drag the HP Setup Assistant (Unix Executable File) into the Terminal and press enter.
    • Terminal will ask for the password of the user.
    • After writing the password press Enter Button.
    • Now follow the Setup Assistant Steps to complete the installation.


    Good luck,


  • GarlandM Level 2 Level 2

    Greetings IvoKranj,


    Since the scanning is no longer supported via HP software, here are a few options that do not involve the HP software.

  • ShlomiL Level 3 Level 3

    Hi GarlandM and IvoKranj,

    To clarify, the specific model does not support scanning either by using the HP Scan application or the Apple ICA module,

    The device only provided with print functionality via Apple Software Update and not supported by Image Capture as you may also find listed by HT3669:


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    Your suggestion works on the HP Photosmart C6180 All-In-One Printer. Thanks for helping!

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    OK, I just found something that worked for me (having same "no scan" issue with my HP Photosmart C6180 All-in One after updating to Mt. Lion--printer works fine).


    I went to System Preferences (new iMac btw) and clicked on Print & Scan.  I clicked on the "scan" button (see photo), then followed prompt to "Open Scanner" and it opened up my scanner in a window I've never seen before.  Scanned my docs fine.  Not optimal--I don't have as many choices now, but the scanner works.  Check your System Preferences and see if you can go that route. 


    Todd Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 7.50.59 PM.png

  • Hector Cabello Reyes Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there,


    I tried the ShlomiL tip (16 sept. 2012 13:40) and it worked for me ! Thanks a lot, I had tried the solutions posted in the HP forum, but it never worked for me.


    I had to make a change though, for the download link took me to a non pertinent page.

    I Googled for "LJMFP305x339xOSX10.5Update-v8.2.dmg" and I found it (I forgot the URL though, apologies)


    Have a good day.




    (I use a HP Laserjet 3052 under Mountain Lion 10.8.2, with a MacBook Air 2012)

  • fluc Level 1 Level 1

    Greetings ShlomiL,


    I tried to follow your steps with my hp 3390 AiO under Montain Lion 10.8.4 with MacBook Air 2013, but HP Scan doesn't work.


    Could you give more details on step 3. ? When I install
    LJMFP305x339xOSX10.5Update-v8.2.dmg I get an installation error, and I have to force-quit the installation.




  • Eric Root Level 9 Level 9
    Mac OS X

    You might want to look at this application. Under Related Links there is a list of printers supported. There is a try before you buy option.



  • toddwaddington Level 1 Level 1

    fluc--see my post above.  Go into your System Preferences and click on "Print & Scan".  See my post above for the rest.  It's not GREAT but I am now able to scan with my HP printer scanner.  More info in above post.



    Todd Waddington

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    toddwaddington - regarding your previous post (11-feb-2013 19.54) with hp 3390 the Scan button doesn't appear in System Preferences.




  • toddwaddington Level 1 Level 1



    When you click on "Print & Scan" in System Preferences, is there a window that opens up that looks similar to this?  Once this window is open, click on scan (see below), then click on "open scanner" and go from there.


    Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.29.03 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.23.07 AM.png


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    below is what I get (it's in italian). no scan button with hp 3390.zoom.png