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OK, I dont know whats going on. I have all the right HW. I was able to play and download movies w/out incident just a few weeks ago. Nothing changed on my side and now I can't play movie's I already Purchased and I can't purchase or rent new movies in HD.


Is there a way or log file or tool that will help me identify WHERE the fail is occuring from?  My NVIDIA control panel CLEARLY states that my graphics card and

Display are both HDCP capable. What else can I do?





Windows 7
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    OK, I seemed to have solved it. Here is what I did.


    1. Updated my NVidia Video Drivers. While, I dont think this actually solved my problem, it probably didnt hurt.

    2. I ran a test with CyberLink Blu-Ray advisor




    This will tell you if you can play Blu-Ray which effectively tells if you if you have HCDP working.


    3. I also changed my video cables connections. Here is what I mean. Personally , I didn't care if Connector 1 went into Monitor 1 or Monitor 2. I had my connecter 1 (My Primary) going into Monitor 2, which was NOT HCDP complaint. However, my Monitor 1, which was connected to Connector 2, WAS HCDP compliant.


    So I switched. I made sure that my PRIMARY MONITOR WAS CONNECTED TO MY PRIMARY PORT on my Video Card. And the secondary Monitor was on Port #2. That is what I feel REALLY fixed my problem.


    But these other things helped to Tshoot it and also the Blu-Ray diagnostics was KEY to helping solve it.