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When I boot the machine, it doesn't remember that I set photos to be the desktop. There are three photos that should change every minute. What's up with that? Can't I put photos as the desktop without manually setting it up each time I power down/up the machine?

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    Quit System Preferences if it's running. In the Finder, hold down the option key and select Go Library from the menu bar. From the Library folder, delete the following item, if it exists:




    and move the following item to the Desktop:




    Launch System Preferences and recreate your Desktop settings. Test. If you still have the issue, put the item on the Desktop back where it came from and post again. Otherwise, delete the item.

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    Mtn. Lion:  I have also had some trouble with the screensaver.  2 displays: iMac 27” and 20” Apple display.


    I have tried to set the screensaver to a folder that has several subfolders, but it will not recognize the subfolders.  It only takes the currently selected folder.  A minor problem, but it should be able to read the subfolders, IMO.


    The bigger problem is that every time the computer starts the screensaver, whether I manually start (hotcorner) or it starts on the timer, it shows a black screen with the mesage Loading Photos.  This takes it about 20 to 30 seconds, long enough that it is a distraction and annoyance.  Why is this occurring?  The images are in my Library on the startup drive.


    Another issue is that both displays are showing the same images most of the time, even though set to shuffle.  Sometimes different images appear, but mostly they are the same.  Why?

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    Thanks, Linc

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    Whoops! Last night I powered off and this morning I powered on. The desktop forgot the pictures. This is a one-week old machine with no software not Apple's or gotten from Apple's App Store. Methinks, then, this is a bug.

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    If you've enabled automatic login, disable it and test. Make sure you know your login password.

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    Linc: I did as you suggested and the pix were still on the desktop after power up. Does that mean that I can have either pix or auto login? Fie on Apple, then!

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    It's a bug.