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  • MiiShell1331 Level 1 Level 1

    Well I just bought apple care protection plan extension so I could get to the bottom of the "other" delimma.  I had 8.3 GB of "other" on my phone and could not even put music on my phone!  Unfortunately, the tech told me the only solution is to restore your phone to the factory settings.  The "other" is corrupted data from things deleted from your phone, such as apps, acording to the tech.  I did restore my phone to use a a "new phone" and my 8.3 GB went down to .53GB

  • axelfromky Level 1 Level 1

    "Other" can consist of email, calendar, texts, contacts, Internet cookies.  By deleting old email and texts (especially ones with attachments like photos) can clear up needed space.

  • sadonathan8839 Level 2 Level 2

    Incorrect Axelfromky


    as said above it is the cache, deleted texts etc. However you can not simply reset the phone or delete something in particular in order to free up the other. You have to restore it and set up as new and sync over your pics, music, apps, contacts, etc rather than restore from a backup. Otherwise you can erase all content and settings and then sync over data - accomplishes same task.

  • axelfromky Level 1 Level 1

    What I described worked for me.  My "other" was reduced by half when I deleted a bunch of texts, emails and voicemail.

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    For some reason the Music files gets duplicated to the "Others" storage.

    Assuming you have you Music saved in ur computer this is a simple solution:


    in ur Phone Go to: setting / general / usage / music and edit and delete you entire music library from your phone.


    Go back to you computer, connect your iphone and reload your music.


    In my case I recover a little over 2GB of free space.


    Good luck.

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    Thanks axelfromky,


    "Other" can consist of email, calendar, texts, contacts, Internet cookies.  By deleting old email and texts (especially ones with attachments like photos) can clear up needed space."


    This was really helpful. I had the same issues as others before me. My iphone 5 had 5.6gb of email data stored on my phone. Once I changed my sync setting to only couple of days. it took care the storage issue.


    'Other' data consists a lot of email backup or calender. The default setting in Iphone is when a user adds an email account to an iphone. Syncing calender or other data from the account will sync everything from creation date of the email, unless otherwise specified by days of when and how far user wants to sync.



    Thank you

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    I have cleared my mail, deleted iTunes backup and then made a new one, cleared all browser history, deleted unused apps, cleared reading list in Safari and just restored my phone and my other folder went from 3.58G to 3.11G. Everytime I sync my other folder increases in data! How is this possible and what else can I do to clear this file? I don't even know what is kept in the "Other" section of storage!

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    "Other" data is real data that you put on your phone by using the built in apps. It is not music, not videos, not pictures and not App Store app data. It is "OTHER" meaning everything that does not fall into these categories. Such as:


    • email messages and attachments
    • Reminders
    • Calendar entries
    • Contacts
    • Text messages
    • MMS messages and attachments
    • Genius data
    • Music cover art
    • Operating system settings
    • Safari cache
    • 3rd party Application caches
    • bookmarks
    • Game Center status
    • Music catalog


    Probably a few I've missed. There was a problem in an earlier version where deleted MMS messages left behind their attachments, but that has been fixed as of 6.1. The reason that deleting music recovers some Other space is because it delete cover art. But is also screws up your music, which will no longer play correctly.


    You will find posts from people who said they recovered over 1 GB of space by just deleting old text messages.


    If you want Other to be smaller you will have to keep less data on your phone; delete old MMS and texts, delete old email (especially from the "deleted" folder), clear the cache, eliminate cover art.

  • ashleylehann Level 1 Level 1

    From my experience other is not coming from my email or messages or whatever. my usage was normal one day and then the next day i plugged my phone up my other was over 3gb. Im sure ths is not data I put on the phone myself this ha sto be corrupt, I have lierally deleted everything from my iphone BUT my apps. I thought maybe it was coming from the sims game but it isnt. The only way I am able to resolve this is by restoring my phone to factory settings.

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    doing a system restore shrank my other from 2.91gb to 592mb it definitly helped!

  • Holmesdale Level 1 Level 1

    What I don't understand is why the 'other' on my iphone is so much bigger than the 'other' on my ipad.  The only difference between the two as far as I can see are the text messages that are only on my phone, and I have deleted most of those.

  • Sammyfenson Level 1 Level 1

    gained over 5GB by restoring - thank you

  • Broido Level 1 Level 1

    There could be some files left over by unsuccesful syncs.

    The problem is that the restore brings them back - so there are 2 choices left:

    • Restore to factory setting
    • Go and chase uneccesary files (voice memos are prone to duplicate)

    I wrote 2 tutorials using a file transfer software solving the issue using the 2 approaches above, none of them are perfect, though.

  • Holmesdale Level 1 Level 1

    I have just restored my iPhone from factory settings and 'other' has dropped from 5.13GB to 510MB.  Fantastic!