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    That's funny, Jordan. I bought an Intel 520 Cherryville SSD today to replace my aging WD Black boot drive.

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    Amazing Drives... Probably the best move I made on just about all my devices.... I am curious however if you are able to watch movies in iTunes before installing your SSD. and if it starts to freeze after. Because honestly, I have yet to go through so much trouble to find a solution when the lovely APPLE TEAM IS SNOOZING!!!! lol

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    Before installing my SSD? No, hence my presence in this thread. But I'm astonished to say that now, on a fresh Windows 7 (64-bit) install on this SSD, it DOES! I can watch videos in it now. HD, SD, the works!

    Frankly, I was tempted to see whether it would, but originally I waved my hand at it--I've already got such a comfortable (sort of) work around, shortcutting them to my media folder and watching all of them in an unyiedly QuickTime window. Your post, however, made me try, and I'm glad it did.

    I don't know what to say. I'll guess that my old OS install, which was years old, just accumulated corruption in a way that iTune's sensitive to. That or the absence of a conflict of some kind on this new install that the old one had. Either way, I'm thrilled it works. The only other problem I experienced on my old install was that Java always slowed my computer drastically when it ran, but now it works too!


    Off topic, but as for the SSD itself, I'm unsure about. It's my first one, and while it's really fast, it locked up my desktop once or twice, and this is its first day (firmware's up to date and SSD Toolbox diagnostics are clean). The first time it happened, right after I installed Avast!, I had Disk Management open because I was formatting another drive and everything on my desktop disappeared and it actually vanished from the disk list! Event log shows ATAPI errors on its port, but, granted, that's actually likelier to be this old, banged up motherboard controller rather than the drive. I've been having them for months now, and the reference seems to stay on a few ports before moving to one or two others for a while. So far (considering what a pain this reinstall has been), I'm willing to chalk that up to bad luck/the controller being the controller (which was never really a problem aside from me just worrying about said ATAPI errors).

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    So are you telling me movies are working on iTunes with an SSD in it?


    Here's why... I just did a fresh clean install on all machines. The only thing I find in common are the SSD's


    and to be honest with you, we shouldn't be having this conversation because Apple should have figured this out before they released them


    But here we are trying to do their jobs!

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    Yep. With a clean install on this SSD, as opposed to my previous HDD, it works. So are you telling me that on every machine of yours with an SSD (and a clean install), iTunes plays videos, and on every machine with an HDD (and a clean install), it doesn't?

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    The opposite... SSDs won't play movies via iTunes. The old machine with HDD plays it fine but since its so old, it's naturally lags. What a nightmare. Can someone from apple get on this???


    We shouldn't be the ones beta testing!!!!!

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    Oh, my mistake. The fact that you lauded the SSDs made me assume they were the ones without the problem. I'm hardly an expert, but I can't think of any reason a program would behave differently, or at least at the extremes of either working or not working, based on the storage media it's installed on. Since you say your HDD machine is old, I take it there may be hardware changes between your computers other than their boot drives. Either way, because my problem was ostensibly solved by a clean install of Windows (which you've purportedly done on multiple machines) and, ironically, the addition of one of the very SSDs you have, yours probably has a different cause.

    Right now I can't even maximize iTunes without portions of it going beyond the screen border (fixed by scaling the window down and then re-maximizing), so there's a problem that hasn't gone away. Oh, well.

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    Could I kindly ask iTunes to provide a FIX to this most annoying problem.


    Had long discussions with Apple support staff who blame it all on microsoft . . .   But, all worked fine for a number of years but with the latest software updates (version 10) the movie rental freeze issue started and just won't go away.  Every 10 minutes or so the film audio dies and then video stops and I must completely log off iTunes and log back in for another 10 minute installment of the movie.


    I agree with IrishHawk "Apple reps wanna chime in here, or maybe fix your software?"


    I would be most grateful . . .

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    I FINALLY figured this one out.  I hope this helps.


    Video would NOT play in iTunes for me after moving to Windows 8 - 64bit.  The removal of plug-ins did not work.


    What I did is right-clicked iTunes, then chose properties.  Then the compatibility tab, then I chose "Windows 7".  iTunes is playing all my videos now. 

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    Unfortunately I haven't moved to Windows 8 - 64bit and am still in Windows 7.  Checked to see if my compatibility is set on "Windows 7".  I can confirm its "Windows 7" and also confirm that I still have this most annoying problem.  Hey Apple techs, do you ever read these messages ?  Or, are we just '******* in the wind'.  Seems like you really need to fix this most annoying issue - let's call it "customer service".

    P.S. I see Netflix is expanding their movie collections.  Looks like you'll be losing some revenue - not much - but every customer counts right ? 

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    Add another dissatisfied customer. 


    I'll betcha anything they're optimising all the new stuff for macs to get people to ditch their pc's.  It's not very ethical, but when has any multibillion dollar corp been ethical?  I like what the last guy said.. the consumer shouldn't have to be the beta testers.


    Whenever I try to play a video the entire iTunes program locks up and I have to alt-ctrl-del to even turn it off.  Genius my a**!

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    Don't know if this helps.  I've been experiencing this recently as well.  Here is what I have noticed but yet to play with.  Will repsond later tonight.


    Videos/music/anything will not playback (itunes freezes up) while I'm on my employer's network on battery.


    It all works at home however I'm not sure if I'm charging or on battery.

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    Having probems with itunes since the version 11 or so.


    i don't have problems what you guys going throu videos but each time i either download when finilizing of the app or the start of coping my apps on Windows, doesn't matter which Windows from XP to 8 minus Vista, it would just freeze, 10-20mins later, it goes to the next app, few seconds later, it freezes, cant do anything but works in the background but at least it copys the app from my ipod, but am sick of tired of it.


    I have my iTunes Library off a 2TB connected via USB to a Airport Extreme.


    And after this past update of iTunes, it still freezes but works in a VMWare of a 10.8 Moutain Lion. So why Windows? Is this a diseases or glitch in windows that cuases this? I've removed in from pc, reformat my lptp one time fora certian reason and still does it.


    So am I missing somthing why this only happens to Windows? Wish I had a real MAC but I dont have the money so thats why I have a VMWare of it.

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    If it's not the same problem, then maybe you should start your own topic, you'll probably get more / better feedback.


    In regards to the problems I / many of us have been having with playing videos, I found something interesting.  When I run iTunes in safe mode (Ctrl/Shift click I believe for Windows), I'm able to play all the videos that I've created / recorded from my PC, but none of the other movies in my library (purchased or legally imported) are working.  This points to a plug-in issue I guess, but I didn't think I had any plugins.     

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    Whoops...I haven't done my duties here.  I have discovered that my iTunes won't play videos or anything for that matter after I have opened iTunes, closed iTunes, hibernated, woke the computer up, opened iTunes.  Can anyone else test this?