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The way iTunes organizes my music is not very organized for me. I would like to organize all songs from an album into a single folder, rather than having the album folders present with artists folder.  Is there any way I can change the way iTunes organizes the songs in my media library?


I tried to see if I can export a playlilst that is organized by Albums rathre than artists, but there seems to be no options.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    iTunes has exactly one way to organize, and that is by artist/album.


    If that is not what you prefer, then go into Preferences > Advanced, and make sure that "Keep..." and "Copy..." are both not checked.  Then, for any new songs you plan to add to iTunes, put them in whatever folder you want them to be, and iTunes will be reference their current location, and will not move or change anything.


    BTW, changing those settings will give you the correct handling of new additions, but will not change anything that is already in the library.  Also, it does not affect any future items purchased from the iTunes Store.

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    now u tell me!  Iitunes is the most fubar system i know!  Impossible to organice by composer!!