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I deleted a bunch of albums and songs off iTunes from my computer (as well as iCloud) and then synced my phone and iTouch via iCloud and I noticed those songs I deleted were still on my devices, but not in iTunes.  I disabled iTunes Match because it wouldnt allow me to delete songs off my phone without doing that.  Once I did that I enabled iTunes Match again and all those deleted albums and songs were back on my phone.  They even play which I thought they wouldnt since I did choose to remove them from iCloud when I deleted from iTunes.  The tutorial on this site says once I delete from iTunes anything that is synced should show the same changes, but obviously thats not the case with me.  The only thing I can think I did was it gave me to option to "Keep the file" when I did the deletions from iTunes.  How do I truly get the deleted songs off my iTouch and iPhone.  They are doing the exact same thing.  What did I do wrong?