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I deleted a bunch of albums and songs off iTunes from my computer (as well as iCloud) and then synced my phone and iTouch via iCloud and I noticed those songs I deleted were still on my devices, but not in iTunes.  I disabled iTunes Match because it wouldnt allow me to delete songs off my phone without doing that.  Once I did that I enabled iTunes Match again and all those deleted albums and songs were back on my phone.  They even play which I thought they wouldnt since I did choose to remove them from iCloud when I deleted from iTunes.  The tutorial on this site says once I delete from iTunes anything that is synced should show the same changes, but obviously thats not the case with me.  The only thing I can think I did was it gave me to option to "Keep the file" when I did the deletions from iTunes.  How do I truly get the deleted songs off my iTouch and iPhone.  They are doing the exact same thing.  What did I do wrong?

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    To all those unbelievably frustrated by this problem since iOS7 added in iCloud songs, as I was, I finally found a solution. Here's what you do:


    1. Go to iTunes Store

    2. From the Home Page, click on Purchased under the field Quick Links on the right side of the page

    3. Your purchase history will appear

    4. Filter by Songs instead of Albums

    5. Hover over any song you want to delete

    6. Click the black x that appears on the right side of the screen

    7. This will "hide" the song from appearing on your iPhone

    8. Enjoy shuffle without worrying about those random songs playing


    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks, that did the trick for me! For some reason I've got one song where clicking the black X does nothing, but that took care of the rest.