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    I also have the same issue since ~2 months, I just keep taskmanager opened at all times and kill ATH manually 2x a day. That's a pretty crappy workarround but never had time to investigate a permanent solution.

    My PC is a Windows 7 64bit  Core 7 with 16GB ram and SSD, so the CPU is only ~ 15 used  % . But the real truth is that ATH will go spin-look on one thread and your actual PC CPU power matters nothing (actually , the faster your CPU the more watts you are throuwing down the drain)




    You wizard guys at Apple should be able to do better! 


    I'm guessing/hopping Apple has solved this already with Itune 11, and does not want to waste resources retrofiting into current version. However, silence and lack of ACK is not profesional nor customer friendly.

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    The mounting failure and intransigence on this issue is deplorable. While it MIGHT be fixed in the already past due iTunes11 that is already too late for our household. Our family owns 2 x Windows 7 machines, a MacBook Pro, 2 x iPhones 5, 2 x iPads 2 & a HTC smartphone running Android. We consider ourselves to be very technologically lirterate but essentially platform agnostic.


    The  only devices that we are currently happy with are the Windows 7 PC's, the MacBook (mostly because it tied to my son's professional design work) & my partners HTC Android phone.


    My son & myself are already making plans to trade up our appalling iOS6 devices (our iPhones 5 & iPads 2) for either Windows 8 surface/phone devices or for Samsung Android Galaxy products which are both leave Apple behind in their smoke $ for $.


    Indeed I predict the only apple device left in our home within 6 months will be the MacBook. There will certainly never be a next iPhone or next iPad for any of us in this household.


    Apple as this thread has proven with over 17000 views & no acknowledgement ofnthe issue that you have simply lost your edge and our confidence in your ability to listen to customers & provide quality products that work.

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    I have this ATH.exe issue too.


    The iP5 is my first ever Apple device.  Previously, I've been using Android and never had any issues with wifi sync.


    It's not a big issue to be fair.  The workaround is to just plug the cable in, after all.


    What really irks me about this issue is, despite over 17,000 enquiries on this matter, the DEAFENING SILENCE FROM APPLE !!! 


    As a new customer, I am very unimpressed.


    Does anyone from Apple read these posts?

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    Same issue with Win 7, iPhone 4S, latest iTunes version.

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    All we want is an acknowledgement that you're on it.


    Or do we need to dig Steve up?


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    Having the exact same problem.  ATH.EXE uses about 90% on one CPU (dual-core intel on windows7x64). Exit iTunes and it stops.  Happens even with the iPad disconnected from itunes.  Thanks.

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    Problem still present in iTunes 11. 

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    DJRobX wrote:


    Problem still present in iTunes 11. 


    Oh no! I was thinking no news was good news.


    I've got 2 iPhone 5s and and an iPad Mini and they are now syncing over WiFi. Only 2 hours in, though.

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    OK, here's the deal (for me, at least) with iTunes 11:


    -sync reliability much improved

    -seems to fix AppleMobileService.exe issue (no more erratic behavior from this process)

    -ATH.exe still crashes/hogs CPU time


    I've got 3 devices I sync with iTunes, and at any given time it seems I have 1-3 separate instances of ATH.exe running.  Occasionally, one of them starts hogging CPU time and/or crashes.  In iTunes 11, killing the offending ATH.exe process does not seem to kill syncing until I restart my computer, like it used to.




    again, Win 7 64-bit here

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    I raised this with Apple tech support last Monday via telephone and their adviser was very sympathetic but gave me the distinct impression that she had no knowledge of this issue. Has anyone else tried Apple Support?

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    Wirh Itunes 11 ATH.exe still runs in a 100% loop within one core. can´t belive that apple isnt´t able to fix this within month. and no comment from apple?


    HUHU Apple could this be true?

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    Have had Itunes 11 working the whole day, including Wifi-sync tests with my IPAD.


    So far ATH is behaving nicely for me, fingers crossed.


    Config is Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, corei7, 16 GB ram all latest updates


    also...I run it as a non-administrator

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    I'm on Windows 8 and must say this still happens with iTunes 11. This is NOT a problem you SEE right away, it happens(at least for me) after a sync and iTunes is left open. Sometimes just leaving iTunes open for a while will trigger it.


    This problem is connected with wifi sync when enabled.



    It's so annoying waking up in the morning to my laptop overheating due to this problem.

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