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My all singing and all dancing Mac OS X keeps losing connection with the internet. My wifi icon n(top right of screen) shows that I have full strength and my Windows lap top that sits next to the Mac has full constant internet access.


So, I have this beautiful new machine and I've only used it to fill spreadheets and download my photos!


Is it best for me to connect to my router (Virgin Broadband is what we have) using an ethernet cable? If so, are there different grades of cable like there is for scart leads?


Or am I missing something in the wifi department when I set up my Mac?


FYI The router is in my front room, so there are various walls and doors obstructing and if I use a cable it will need to be around 10m long (meters that is not miles!!)


Also, I tried to install Lion but due to falling off the internet connection it keeps timing out



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)