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    Well, I, too have been struggling. From one day to the next I lost good synching. (Win 7 - 64; iPhone 4s ios 6)

    Tried everything and then tried something else on my own:

    having once installed and then disinstalled a pc-iphone program that promises to let you manage your phone like a folder, it left behind Microsoft Net Framework stuff. I don't turn my pc off very often. It could have been that after turning back on without the software but with the Net Framework, things started going wrong.

    I disinstalled the 2 Net Framework items in my installed applications list, restarted the pc, and all seems to be back to normal.

    Hope this works for someone else.

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    I had this trouble on both my iPhone and iPad.  I think I found the answer:


    Turn off wifi sync.


    I found this on another board.  I did this and the problem was resolved.  I have been able to reliably sync contacts, calendars and bookmarks without connection error messages.


    If you do turn off wifi sync and you still experience the error, go to the Info tab, and deselct Contacts and Calendars, keep them on your iPhone, and Sync.  Then reselect Contacts and Calendars and sync again.  That should do it.


    It looks like since iOS 6 came out, which was when the trouble started for me, the iPhone and iPad gets confused trying to sync both wirelessly and by USB when you plug into your Windows laptop, and basically tells you "does not compute".

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    My issue appears to be similar to others, but I still can't resolve the problem. I use Windows 7 and Internet Explorer for business. Historically, I could readily do a sync of my iPhone (iOS 6.0)1 and iPAD (5.1.1) with iTunes ( by just plugging into the USB cable in my PC and doing a sync.  Never a problem in 2+ years.


    However, immediately following the update to iOS 6.0.1, none of my Internet Explorer Favorites (what iTunes calls Bookmarks) will copy.  I get an empty Bookmarks folder in my iPhone and iPad.  I purposely do not use iCloud; instead, doing a backup to my business PC.  I do not use WiFi sync either; preferring instead to do a sync via USB cable.


    I have tried unchecking the Sync Bookmarks option; then turning it back on, but no joy.  I've tried the Replace Information on this iPAD option, checking the Bookmarks option, but no joy.


    Am completely lost as to what else to do to get things back to where they had been for 2+ years - syncing my Internet Explorer Favorites automatically with my iPad and iPhone.  Everything connects back to the iOS 6.0.1 upgrade, but I see no explanations from Apple explaining how to resolve this type of problem.  Any ideas from the world of users?  Not having my collection of business sites from my Explorer Favorites folder(s) makes my iPad and iPhone of significantly less value for business purposes.



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    Further note: my issue is not with backup.  That works fine.  It is just with syncing; and to this point; only in syncing Internet Explorer Favorites to the iPad/iPhone Bookmarks.  Contacts, photos, music sync just fine.  Bookmarks don't sync at all --- just an empty Bookmarks folder with no contents.

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    ABigHelp wrote:


    OK, what I said in my last post - is no longer valid.  Today, I have my iPhone plugged into the USB port and also have WiFi on.  I am again (as before the 6.0.1 upgrade) getting an error message that it cannot sync because it cannot find the phone...but it IS synching. 


    So...nothing has really changed.   It was a temporary partial solve that no longer is....just like a lot of the other suggestions here have been, as we all know.


    There have been over 10,000 people checking out this thread, which means at least that many have this problem.  Apple hasn't commented at all on this thread, nor have they addressed the issue.  Disgraceful.

    Well, I think I am losing my mind.  Today, I went out of the room for an hour at 3 this afternoon after I had plugged the iPhone into the wall outlet.  iTunes was closed.  When I came back at 4, iTunes was open, the phone had synced and it had backed up as well.  I have absolutely no idea why; in fact, this was the first time since early November that it had synced wirelessly, although it has been plugged in every night. 


    The phone is still showing up in the left-hand column of iTunes, although it isn't connected to the power source, and the sync button is grayed out in the iPhone. I will now try to sync it again and see what happens.


    It said "looking for iPhone".  Then it said: "The iPhone 'Gord's iPhone' could not be synced because the iPhone could not be found on the network".  When I dismissed that message, the iPhone disappeared from the left-hand column of iTunes.


    I am completely baffled.



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    And now, to completely confuse me, I got up this morning to see that it had synced and backed up at 1:10 am.  I am glad this is happening, but mystified as to why it didn't for almost a month.

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    I am really getting tired of this.  Ever since I downloaded iTunes 10.7 my wifi itunes sync does not worked.  I have tried most of he suggestions people have recommended and they either don't work or stop working after the first sync.  I am starting to believe that Apple is not going to address this until the release the new version of iTunes. smh.....

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    Sorry, but I don't have a solution to this problem and also experience the frustration with iTunes synching and backup failures.  However, I suspect that Apple is putting all of their effort into the next version of iTunes, which is supposed to be released in November as posted on their website.  And I would prefer that they release a stable product rather than rushing it to market.  Another bruise on Apple's products and the company starts to look rather unappealing.  Pun intended. 


    My house is full of Apple's products, as well as other companies technology.  I will buy the best product that meets my needs and budget.  Apple gets my money in exchange for a good product and service.  And my recent upgrade to the iPhone 5 with it's related problems has me questioning that decision.  I had considered migrating to another mobile platform this upgrade cycle and that decision will be much easier if Apple doesn't pay attention to quality and service. 

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    OK, I waited a full week before replying to chasfh because I figured I'd say "Solved" and then the next day it wouldn't work again.  However, THIS DOES WORK. 


    I went into iTunes and turned off (un-checked) "Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi"

    (To do that, click on your device name - iPhone or iPad, etc. - in the left column and then make sure you've got the "Summary" page open.  Toward the bottom of the page, you'll see items with check boxes.  Un-Check "Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi")


    I closed iTunes and re-booted my PC.


    This was a week ago.  Ever since then, syncing works perfectly - every time - as long as I have the iPhone plugged into the UBS port on the computer. 


    Unfortunately, however, this means that I can't sync over WiFi at all.

    But it's a good start, anyway.   (Thanks for the idea, Chas!)

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    Sure thing, ABigHelp.


    Hopefully iTunes 11 solves this problem.  But if it doesn't, at least we know what works.

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    @chasfh - amen to that

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    @ABigHelp - i followed your lead on this sync reboot in iTunes and it worked for me as well, however i can't help but think it actually did sync via wirelessly with a bit of a lag, who knows, just hope an iTunes update fixes this silliness, thanks to all for your comments, we're not alone, haha, really, someone or something out there is testing our sanity

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    In response to both "chasfh" and "ABigHelp", when i turn off my iPhone and start up again the Bookmarks that seemed to sync with iTunes just fine had disappeared. I then plugged the phone into the USB on my PC, repeating what i did to get a good sync, and my Bookmarks showed up once again. They will only stay on the phone until the next time i power off, to get them back i need to plug it into the PC again and do another sync. Frustrating, hope we get an iTunes update soon.

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    Sorry, just saw this.  Do you mean that prior to doing that, you couldn't even sync via the USB port?


    My problem has never been that.  It always syncs over the USB port.  It is wireless syncing that only works intermittently.

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    @GordWM ... it's intermittent via USB or wireless. It syncs through wireless with or without being plugged into power with iTunes open, showing my phone at the sidebar, when i click on my phone icon it is "looking for phone" then syncs, much faster with USB/computer hookup for obvious reasons, either method i choose for a sync the Bookmarks appear and reappear with a reboot throughout the day - but i will add that the Bookmarks do not always come back via reboot, and their disappearance is not consistent. I am currently on wireless sync mode, after a reboot just recently, the Bookmarks i ran through a wireless sync the day before came back. But it seems they vanish at their own will so to speak. It was just the day before i had connected my phone with USB to PC for a sync and to change the settings to sync via wireless, the latter being where i currently stand, wireless sync whether in cradle for USB to PC or on its own with no connection to a power source. Hope i'm making sense, but then this whole operation at it is doesn't make sense, ... Have a nice Thanksgiving, time to give the phone a rest.

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