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  • Stuart54321 Level 1 (0 points)

    I originally came here to rant.  Several pages back in this discussion thread, I said that the only thing that was consistently working for me was putting the phone into Airplane Mode before syncing / backing up.


    Then iTunes 11 appeared.  For a week or, everything went back to working perfectly.  I took the plunge and updated my phone to iOS 6, though I've kept my iPad on iOS 5.  Syncing & backing up continued perfectly for a few days, then went back to only working when in Airplane Mode, then became even less reliable.


    For the past two or three weeks, no combination of any of the tips in this discussion - nor any of the items in Apple's support document regarding backup/sync problems - could get the iPhone to sync.  And yet the iPad continues to sync happy via wifi throughout.


    So I came here mainly to vent, but just before doing do I plugged in my phone and... perfect backup and sync, first time, without being in Airplane Mode.  First time for months!  So now I'm here to offer the information that my PC automatically installed its monthly Microsoft patches overnight.


    Relevant?  Who knows.  But possibly worth sharing.

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    Anyone having a problem, and a solution to syncing calendars?  I have iTunes, iPAD iOS 5.1.1 and iPhone 6.0.1.  I don't use WiFi sync, nor do I use iCloud.  I've twice completely deleted and reinstalled all Apple software, and have done complete restores on both devices, but Calendar entries won't sync.  All syncs are done directly from my laptop to device using a USB cable.


    Everything worked great syncing from my Windows7 business laptop to my iPad/iPhone until upgrading to iTunes 10.x and iOS 6.x a couple months ago.  I don't get any error messages when syncing, but the calendar entries that keep getting loaded to my devices are from weeks ago and do not reflect any current calendar entries adds/edits or deletes.  I have unchecked Sync Calendars to remove all entries; then rechecked and used the Replace information on my iPad/iPhone option for calendars, but it keeps loading back in calendar entries that no longer exist on my PC.


    Does anyone know if there is a sync file hidden somewhere which may contain these old calendar entries that I could delete?  I've tried Reset Sync History, and I've tried deleting prior backups, but still keep seeing old calendar entries from weeks ago and not new ones.  I am only syncing my Outlook calendar, no other calendars.

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    Just brought home my iPhone 4 with iOS 6 and was having trouble syncing Google contacts and music. This fixed it right away! Thanks!

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    After I posted the above update, things got flaky again.  Backups were failing and sync was back to being unreliable.  One thing I don't think I've mentioned is that whenever sync was 'failing', it was always calendar and contacts that failed (i.e. sync with Outlook 2007); music and apps would continue to sync just fine.


    Calendar & contacts sync are my two 'must haves'.  I can manage apps manually via the iOS App Store and I rarely listen to music on my iPhone.  I was on the verge of taking Jim Turley's advice and switching over to an Exchange ActiveSync-based service, when something happened...


    I uninstalled Norton AntiVirus.


    Others have highlighted Norton as a potential issue earlier on in this thread and I discounted the possibility because suggestions were focused on it being a firewall issue in the fuller Norton Internet Security suite, whilst I only had the a/v component; I use the Windows firewall, and disabling that made no difference.


    However, when I switched from Norton to a competitive product my iPhone immediately went back to syncing everything, all the time.  This has lasted two weeks so far, which is a good sign.  Might be relevant to anyone still having problems.  Removing/switching a/v isn't a trivial task, but it could be worth testing.


    Whether this is a permanent fix or whether I'll be back here again in a couple of weeks obviously remains to be seen...

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    I have had the same back-up issue since upgrading to Windows 7.  I ignored the problem because I have used other methods. However, my problem was just solved by following the suggestion of removing the "lockdown" folder which is one of the suggestion found in the link sent by Charley-Kay.  The link is the TS2529 TS Backup Issues in Itunes.  Follow that link and read about removing the lockdown folder.  I was able to back up itunes after I did this.  I don't know how I will restore if I ever need to, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.  Also, I have downloaded the lastest version of Itunes (I don't know if that matters or not). 

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    I also had a period of smoooth sailing.  Just when I thought we were in the clear, the issue reappeared.  I HATE intermittent problems!!!


    My symptoms are identical to yours and the deal breaker for me is also outlook - I gave up the ghost on local backup and use the cloud. I have worked with Apple support but to date have no solution.  Part of the troubleshooting process was to disable all nonessential services - the problem still occurred (intermittently!!!).  Airplane mode is the most consistently successful workaround. Often, however, simply syncing again with no changes is successful.


    Did want to follow up on the Norton antivirus solution - I use McAfee and am having the same issue.  I'm still convinced that it is Itunes that isn't "playing nice"! The support tech spent a great deal of time with me and indicated that he would be escalating this to engineering. I did point him ot this thread and highlighted the number of views - unless people are just randomly viewing support pages this is a widespread issue!  Hopefully a solution is in the offing but I'm not holding my breath.

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    Worked Great had the same issue  with ipad and iphone, running itunes in compatability mode for windows 7 fixed the back up issue.

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    Had the same problem on my pc, i think i fixed it today the I removed Windows Security Essentials that was colliding with Norton and all is well since.

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    I have a Windows 7 Professional 32 bit Desktop. I recently bought my iPhone 4s. for the 1st few days it would sync up and I could transfer my data from phone to computer via windows explorer/My Computer.  But now it only syncs up in iTunes and not on windows explorer. I tried by Resetting the settings, it helped only for one sync after that again nothing. But Yes its always syncing with iTunes.  Can Anyone Suggest A Solution?

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