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I just upgraded to ML.  Previous to the upgrade I ha turned on iCloud on my iPhone as mobileme was ending but ML had yet to be released.  My Mobleme contacts were migrated and appeared on my iPhone under iCloud contacts.  I continued to sync my MacBook contacts via iTunes.  I had two sets of contacts on my phone "On MY MAC" and "iCloud."




After ML upgrade all my Macbook contacts are now under iCloud in Contacts app and the "On My Mac" group is empty.  How this happened.   No idea.  It occured after an iTunes sync.  Seeing this as a good thing.  I deleted the "On MY MAc" contact group from om iPhone.  However, the contacts in "iCloud" on my Macbook -- which appear to be a merging of the old iCloud Contacts grpup with the "On My Mac " group -- do not match the '"iCloud" contacts in my iPhone. 



iCloud Contacts are not syncing between MacBook and iCloud (In fact, after a few minutes of a spiing grey wheel i get the offline lighitning bolt.)

Contacts are synicng between the iPhone and iCoud.com.

Calendars events and Mail suync between the iPhone and iCoud.com and MacBook.


The only iCloud problem I am having is with contacts.


Please help.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)