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I am afraid to say that one thing is now making me think twice as to whether to continue with the iPhone is the fact that you have changed the charging / docking port on this,! For the following reasons:


    1. Our charging leads from our iPhone 4 will not work so we are FORCED to buy others to use in the Car/Office/ etc.


    2. If we have bought an expensive stereo system with a docking station for the iPhone, this will no longer work and I am not                 about to go out and spend UN-NECESSARY money on replacing my stereo system!


    3. Just another way for you to make more money on accessories.....


I am assuming that there is an EXTREMELY good reason other than making more money for this to be happening?


So unless you are coming out with a CHEAP adapter for such items, I may consider looking at going somewhere else which is a shame as I love my Apple stuff but dispise having to change expensive equipment.


New iPhone 5 Charging Port
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    This discussion board is not followed by representatives at apple but by fellow users as you. If you want to let apple know about something, use their feedback page which I believe is www.apple.com/feedback


    That being said, the iPhone/iPad/iPod plug hasn't been modified since 2003. Not many companies can argue they did as good as Apple on that.


    Yes it is annoying for users with devices that need to be plugged, but you can't blame apple for changing a cable connector after 9 years!


    - The new connector is smaller, and therefore helps in having a slimmer iPhone 5.

    - The charger given with the phone or device is actually composed of a plug wall and a USB cable. Therefore previous chargers (officials) are still compatible with the new plug, it just need a new cable.

    - there is an adaptor sold on the apple store website to plug it on your previous devices.

    - a lot of devices are now using airplay technology yet not all.


    All this to say that basically 1 plug change in 9 years is nothing.

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    2 things.  First, for the past couple of years many complained that the 30 pin was to big and hard to use because (Gasp!) it only worked in one direction.  Now they have gotten what they asked for.  Not saying you fall into this group, but I hope they like what they got.


    Second, Apple will never have a "cheap" adapter, but the aftermarket will be flooded with them by Christmas.  Especailly since the next generation, possibly smaller, iPad is rumored to be released soon.  It's a huge market that will be filled before you know it.