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I am afraid to say that one thing is now making me think twice as to whether to continue with the iPhone is the fact that you have changed the charging / docking port on this,! For the following reasons:


    1. Our charging leads from our iPhone 4 will not work so we are FORCED to buy others to use in the Car/Office/ etc.


    2. If we have bought an expensive stereo system with a docking station for the iPhone, this will no longer work and I am not                 about to go out and spend UN-NECESSARY money on replacing my stereo system!


    3. Just another way for you to make more money on accessories.....


I am assuming that there is an EXTREMELY good reason other than making more money for this to be happening?


So unless you are coming out with a CHEAP adapter for such items, I may consider looking at going somewhere else which is a shame as I love my Apple stuff but dispise having to change expensive equipment.


New iPhone 5 Charging Port