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How do I change my rescue email?

iPod classic, Windows XP
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    Frequently asked questions about Apple ID - http://support.apple.com/kb/HE37

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    I do not see how that link provided the answer. Can someone please expalin how to change the rescue email?

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    Read all the way to the bottom for instructions to reset rescue email. Worked for me! Good Luck!

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    Sign in to manage apple ID


    Go to "Password and security"


    ---> at this point you may be able to change your rescue email address

    ---> you may need to answer security questions and THEN be able to


    Alt strategy --

    This is what I actually did when I needed to change my rescue email. However, it is clear that the above strategies would now work for me.


    I needed to change my rescue email b/c I wanted that email to be my primary email/appleID.  The rescue email and primary cannot be the same for some reason. When I needed to do it, I forgot the answer to one of my security questions so was forced to click "Send reset security info email to •••••@***.com." This sent an email to my rescue email address -- so if you cannot access your rescue, this alt strategy will not work.


    When I clicked the link sent, something went wrong and aple could not bring me to that page. However, when I looked back in the browser tab where I was managing my AppleID, the page/environment for "Password and security" changed. All that was there was something to click that said "Reset .....". This brought me to a page to change all 'password and security' related issues including my rescue email address.



    Summary of Alt:

    Sign in to manage apple ID

    Go to "Password and security"

    click "Send reset security info email to •••••@***.com."

    --> may have to go to rescue email address and follow instructions there and it may work

    --> could be you only have to renew the 'password and settings' page to see new option to click "Reset...."

    --------> This latter step was available to me after clicking link in rescue email

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    Hi, I don't have access to the rescue email address.  And whenever I "reset the security info", I don't get the email.  I don't have the answers to the security questions and the rescue email address.  I am stuck.  Do I delete the account?

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    Have you solved your problem? I'm stuck just like you.

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    Yeah I have the same problem, have you found a solution yet?

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    I'm stuck too, because I do not have anything that says 'Password & Security', but instead it's just telling me to verify my current Apple ID. However, I've forgotten my password for that email address and so can't verify it. Can anyone help?

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    I am stuck too I don't remember my answers to the security questions and I can't remember my rescue email address someone please help. :-)

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    I was contacted by email from someone in Apple, who asks me to call an Apple helpline.  I did that and waited for about half an hour for someone to answer the call.  When he realize what I need, he create a case number for me, and transfer me to another number to wait again.  After another 15 min of waiting, I was still on hold.  I gave up.


    Eventually, I created another userid and abandon my original Apple ID.  Sadly, I think Apple is not keen for us solve this problem, since it doesn't generate any revenue to them.  Thus, to save all your effort, it is probably easier to create a new Apple ID.

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    Thanks this worked for me

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    Here is how to change your rescue email:

    -Go to appleid.apple.com.

    -There, click on manage apple ID

    - Click on password and security. You will be asked 2 security questions.

    - There, scroll down, and you can change your rescue email


    Hope I helped