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I am having problems adding titles to my iMovie.  I have made other movies with titles but now it keeps crashing iMovie every time I click on the titles tab.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  I have OX X Lion running and iMovie 09.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • Paul Taroli* Level 1 Level 1

    I am running iMovie 9 on an non-Intel G5 (OSX 10.5.8).  I just spent the last two days trying to de bug why one of my recent movies would freeze during playback in iMovie as a project file.


    I read all the discussion groupd and followed all the plist file deleting recommendations to no avail.  Finally I took the project and started deleting things within the project that I thought might be the source of the problem.


    1) I took out all the slow motion video I had added (about 5 different clips), deleted .plist, restarted, no change project would not play.


    2) Then I deleted any transition that was more compliated then just a cross dissolve. About three of them, deleted .plist file, restarted, no change .. iMovie not repsonding...force quit.


    3) Then I took out the last title I added at the very end. It was the star wars type title, long paragraphs of text fading into the horizon...Deleted .plist, restrated and VIOLA... it worked. 


    I went on to quit iMovie and restart it again just to be sure and it worked again.  So apparently there was something in that title it didin't like.


    I will continue to play with the movie and go back and add in my other features and see if that makes a difference...


    Hope this helps you.  It's really sad the Apple can't do better with this software. . .   good luck...