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It seems like most movies will not be available in iTunes in the Cloud after you purchase. It seems like previously most movies were available. Now it looks like nearly all newer movies aren't available in the cloud after purchasing. Even movies that were previously available in the cloud aren't anymore, like Battleship. It also appears that it is all studios.


I did some more poking around and it looks like there is a bug in the store. I purchased Prometheus as a pre-order and downloaded it tonight. It shows in my purchased items in iTunes despite the description saying it will not be available in the cloud after purchasing.

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    I am literally having the same issue. Nearly all the movies on iTunes were available in the cloud, but now all of them say that they are not going to be avilalbe in the cloud from the description in the store.There was just an iTunes update and I know that there will be a new iOS once the new iPhone is out. I wonder if they are having trouble implementing everything, or if they are just changing the way you could get anything you perchased without telling anyone.

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    Based on my experience with Prometheus if you buy something it will still be in the cloud. Of course caveat emptor.

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    I'm seeing the "when purchased this movie will not be available in itunes in the cloud" message on every movie I look at in the itunes store, including Disney's UP and Wall-E. I could not find a movie that did not have the message above. Anyone else? I was going to buy some movies today, but I can't tell if this is a mistake or just that all the movies I want are not iCloud compatible.

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    I thought I was going crazy because I've been seeing the same message all day and I wanted to buy a movie but decided not to. I wonder if any of this has to do with iOS 6 rolling tomorrow?


    If anyone calls Apple support and gets an answer please post it.

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    I also thought I was little crazy on this, but I tested it out with by buying a movie with a gift card and it was on the Cloud and I could play in on my Apple TV from the cloud.  It must have something to do with iOS 6 like Mezito thinks, although it could be a case of somebody messing up on the iTunes end.  As I like to do, I keep at least one manual backup of all my videos and I think I might set up a second backup just in case.

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    Looks like the problem is fixed.