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This year my school district was given a grant for iPad's for students in grades 5-12.  This was a terrible idea.  I've already caught my daughter using iMessage to send messages throughout the entire school day, over 200 messages to a dozen different people.


Once I caught her and told her no more messaging in class, she said everyone messages in class.  The only way I had of stopping her was telling her I was watching every message she was sending, (which was how I caught her in the first place) and if I caught her again she wouldn't be allowed to use the iPad anymore.  Other parents who can't monitor their children's use of iMessage are pretty much in the dark, I've been trying to spread to the word to other district parents.


Is there a way to block or uninstall iMessage?  I have iOS 6, I was assuming they'd add Parental Controls for that, but sadly they did not.

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