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I'm not sure of the proper name .. avatars or icons , but it's those little pictures of various instruments and things can you asign to a track. For me those help me keep up with things at a glance.


As of late I've been playing a lot of Harmonica. GB only has one of those. I've been using different mics ... Sure 57 and a Bullet Harp mic. I have also been using an amp made for harps. So it gets somewhat hard to keep up with things without making notes and slows me down when I'm testing which sound I like.


My questions are can you add more ? If so where can I find those ? And if so ... would you just drop them in that area ?  Also I know a lot of guys are wizzes ... can anyone take that harp in GB and make it different colors ? It would be neat to have 4 or 5 harps in different colors.


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