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We are moving from Workgroup Manager to Profile Manager to manage users and clients.


Using Workgroup Manager our 10.8 server is able to shift user caches from the userhome on the server to the client the user is on using :


action : deleteAndCreateSymLink

destpath : /tmp/%@/Library/Caches

path : ~/Library/Caches


This is all set up using Workgroup Manager and was just selected from the options.


I would like to set up the same redirect for users on the Profile Manager manged clients but do not know where to begin.  I am hoping to set this up for our one device group so that the redirect happens for all users who login to each client in the group.  I am guessing that a plist needs to be added under "custom settings," however I am only guessing.


Any assistance would be appreciated.


Thanks - Erich

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