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My nephew bought her Mac Book Pro last June 2012. During the time that floods hit metro manila where she is studying, her Mac Book Pro (13in) happend to have been damped wet by water. Still running but it seems the batter got problem.  So she brought her unit to SM North Edsa ( Annex) Mac Center for possible repair.  The Mac Center told my nephew that the unit will be brought somewhere  in Mandaluyong - Apple Service Center.   After a few days she received a message from the Mac Center telling her that the repair cost will be a whooping P88,000.00  almost twice the cost of her unit when she bought it. My sister ( my nephew's mother) was fuming asking me how come the cost of repair is so great, it is better to buy a new one.


Is this really true?  I wonder what others may have experienced bringing their unit for repair and finding out that the cost of repair is such... APPLE IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS...  IS THIS THE KIND OF AFTER SALES SERVICE THAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU... PLEASE explain it to me.. thanks

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    I have no idea why the particular cost is what it is.  But note that the repair will include labour, and usually technical skilled labour such as computer repair is at a fairly hight hourly rate.  Also, parts are not necessarily cheap either, and the highly integrated nature of laptops means that often, even when only a single component is damaged, an entire motherboard or other larger assembly must be replaced as they are part of a single integrated piece.


    Also, due to the nature of the damage you describe, this is not covered by warranty.  Your nephew would have to have gotten their own insurance to cover that kind of accidental damage (did they have household or flood insurance that might cover it?).

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    And mind you dear APPLE believers, this also happens to my BOSS' Mac Book Air, which was brought also to an Apple Center for repair due to White Screen of Death... The repair center told my boss that the repair would cost him P68,000 pesos... the new Mac Book Air is only P47,990.00.   Who in his right mind agree to such a repair cost which costs more than a brand new unit...  If this is so... then APPLE is not a good brand after all...  Anyone who had the same story?


    BTW  i tried to revive the unit by following some repair tips from the internet... and I was able to revive it without spending a dime.... I am not a technician... just wondering what kind of SKILLS those technicians at the Apple Repair Centers have in the Philippines...

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    If you want to rant, this really is not the place for it.  And if you repaired it so well, then why did it have to be sent in for service?


    Regardless, since there really is no technical question here, I am done with this thread.

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    Yes indeed it might be true that my nephew had a hand why her unit got damage, however, the damage i know is not that serious as the unit is still running when she brought it to the service center. the only problem she complains is the battery which seems not working yet.. when directly plugged to the wall, the unit still works fine. What i could not understand is the cost of the repair is so high that the it would be better to buy a new unit rather than pay the repair bill.  Isnt  it that the idea of repair is for the owner to save money buying a new one.... enlighten me on this.... thanks for the reply Mr. Michael Black...  I noticed you are from the USA  is that also the case in your country.... or it is only here in the PHILIPPINES where Service Cost is higher that buying a brand new unit?

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    See what the price to replace all the parts in an automobile is compared to the cost of a new one.