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This is more of a heads up to everyone out there rather than a question.


I have been experiencing numerous errors with my iMac 27" (2011) for coming up to a year now. I have spoken to apple care a number of times but never really got anywhere, other than I should just start again and not restore my machine from TimeMachine.


I have repeatedly got the apple.com/support -6002D error when trying to run AHT to resolve the issues I have been having and AHT has never successfully ran. I have googled this error repeatedly and never got any info on it.


After speaking to Apple Care this evening I have some more information and thought that I should share.


Apparently this error points to a hardware issue, although the guy couldn't tell me what as he stated this error code does not exist in their database. He did speak to his supervisor however and ascertain that error codes beginning -60.. relate to hardware issues.


My iMac is now to be collected and repaired (I don't live near an apple store) and then returned to me. I shall follow up on this post when my iMac returns and advise if the error has been fixed.


I would be interested if anyone else has this problem???


In case you are wondering why I have been attempting to run AHT it is because of repeated Kernel Panics and hardrive errors which were diagnosed by Disk Utility as Invalid Key Length and Invalid Node Structure.


Hope this helps someone out there.....



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Thanks for the tip Adam!




    Seems it was RAM here.

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    …diagnosed by Disk Utility as Invalid Key Length and Invalid Node Structure.

    IIRC, those are usually disk directory errors that DU can't fix, but DiskWarrior or other utility that handles disk directory issues can. Since you're shipping the machine off to Apple for repari, I won't recommend running Rember to rule out RAM issues.

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    I have a mid-2011 Mac Mini that has been a little flaky since new, or nearly new. An upgrade to the latest Lion version left it unable to start up, and not in a consistent way. Anyway, starting up with the d key held down resulted in a quick 6002D code.


    I just swapped in the original memory (which I should have done a long time ago, perhaps), it passed the hardware testing, and now it's running.

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    I run into the same problem.  I have upgraded memomy and computer has been running flaky.  I run AHT and got 4MEM error.  I decided to check which memory stick was the problem and run AHT with each memory stick separately. It turned out they both had problems (Corsair 4GB 1333MHz).


    First one, run AHT but AHT reported 4MEM error.  When I tried to run AHT with the second memory, AHT would not start at all and I get the apple.com/support -6002D error.  What was interesting and the computer would boot OK into OS X.

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    Exactly same thing happening to me. Looks like both of them are messed up. I just found my original memories back and I'm running AHT extended test at the moment with them. And yes, the OS X boots up normally. But every app I try to open, gives me an error.