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I've been using Motion on a variety of systems and just converted to the latest i7 16GB MBPR system.  It seems very slow compared to my previous MBP's and frame rates for basic projects with text goes down to 4 - 9 FPS.  Nothing else is open and eveything seems a lot more slow than I would have expected.  Any thoughts?


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    Hi Chris,


    I've also got this issue - I've got the latest MacBook Pro, although the non-Retina version. On very simple text animations with the 'Blur In' and 'Blur Out' behaviours, I'm getting frame rates of 4fps. My aged 2ghz Mac Pro with the GeForce 7300 graphics card seems to manage better than this.


    Is there anyone else out there having these issues? I'm wondering if somehow Motion isn't using the NVIDIA GT650M graphics card and opting for the vanilla Intel HD 4000, although I have selected in Energy Saver preferences the option always to use the better graphics card.





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    Yes, I have the same problem. I have used motion for several years on my iMac with no problem even with complex projects. My MacBook Pro Retina is an amazing system but Motion 5.0.5 brings it to a screeching halt even with simple text animation. Even worse, there are times when it simply crashes the machine.


    In an effort to complete my current project I tried moving the work from my MacBook Retina over to my older iMac but the Motion version for the iMac is 5.0.4 and refuses to open or run the Motion 5.0.5 project.


    The performance issues with Motion on the MacBook Pro Retina are serious and I hope Apple will make an effort to getting them resolved. If you hear of any progress please let me know.


    Best regards, Mark

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    I've not seen an update.  Thanks for keeping the thread alive!

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    I created a similar project in complexity on my iMac that I was experiencing problems with on the MacBook Pro Retina and there was no slow down, crashing, hanging the computer or odd behavior. The iMac is running Motion version 5.0.4 so clearly this is a Motion version 5.0.5 problem on the MacBook Retina.


    Hopefully we'll get some answers soon ....

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    Nothing on this?


    I am sitting on a 1 month old 15,4" Retina with 16GB. This beast is supposed to switch to dedicated graphics and TurboBoost my CPU whenever power is needed. And it sure loves to do so - it sounds like a 50 year old hoover whenever it gets to work, making even more fan noise than my trusty old Lenovo W701DS - and that says alot!

    Whenever I work in FCPX, Blender, Photoshop or even YouTube with a few other windows open, it speeds up noticeably (judging from the noise ;-) )


    But, in Motion 5, no matter the complexity of the project, no matter whether I am working or exporting, the MacBook just sits there - working slowly, with no indication of being pushed. No Noise, CPU Meter shows maybe 1 core maxed out, sometimes 4 cores are in use, but then just 20-30% or so.


    It's as if Motion 5 wont even try to push the computer to it's max, but just drags along being slow for no reason whatsoever....


    What gives?


    Oh - forgot to mention - no indication hyperthreading either - looking at the CPU meter, which shows 8 bars, there's only ever activity in bar 1,3,5 and 7....Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 7.32.06 AM.png

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    Hi all,


    I was very excited to start using Motion 5 on my MBP Retina, thinking it was a pretty powerful machine.  I was dissapointed when I saw low frame rates (around 10 fps) when trying to preview a white shape moving accross the screen, probably the most simple animation possible.  Loading a ram preview made no difference.  I'm dissapointed that the laptop I paid over 2 grand for can't handle simple animation!  Any help would be great; it seems like this is a pretty common problem.




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    I've been wondering about this as well.


    At my main workplace - I use a mid 2012 2x6 xeon macpro. And Motion 5 I always get the feeling for some reason that it DOES NOT use up all of the cores too. Same on my Mid 2012 non-retina Macbook Pro, the most it can ever reach on the activity monitor is 110%.


    But rendering on C4D (note; NOT the precalculation of GI samples), I see 2400% max on xeon macpro and 800% on the non-retina macbook pro. NOW THAT is what I call proper use of the multi-core cpu.


    I'm not sure whether Motion 5 is supposedly either GPU or CPU intensive. But still it is inexcusable for Apple not to see this hyperthreading at all.