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    Wayne of America wrote:


    Yeah, Apple users are a bit like the proverbial red-headed stepchild. Epson, Logitech, Intuit software, and others treat Windows users like their first born and update their stuff frequently. Meanwhile we are left on the sidelines.
    <end figurative speech>


    Not to mention good old Canon.

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    I would not take Apple as responsible. The OS works and youa can use Adobe software and Epson Scanner.

    It is responsability of one of these two to develop a driver to let the Scanner works with the Adobe Software.


    It used to be that way, but Apple absorbed the printer/scanner drivers into its womb, so I think it now bears principle responsibility. And can't some of Apple's immense market power be devoted to preventing what Wayne of American referred to. If Epson doesn't provide current drivers, then Apple shouldn't sell or recommend Epson products. The relationship should be reciprocal.

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    It appears that Epson and various other scanner makers have not bothered to update their drivers so that they are 64-bit compliant and work with Photoshop CS6. I guess I'm in the market for a new scanner that is not made by Epson.

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    I don't know that Adobe intends you to scan directly into Photoshop. I've heard the reasons in the Adobe forums that made sense at the time when I read them. I can't remember why it was now.


    It seems that the creative pros use other abilities like Image Capture or whatever and then use Photoshop to manipulate.


    I've always had the latest Photoshop and although the ability to direct scan was a bit of a jolt years ago It's not an issue nowadays... and I use an old Epson Perfection 3200 Photo.

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    Adobe's site says this:


    In Mac OS, you can use the TWAIN plug-in to scan when running Photoshop CS6 (Photoshop CS6 only runs in 64-bit mode). Not many scanner manufacturers have released 64-bit versions of their scanner drivers, so you may not be able to use TWAIN. Contact your scanner manufacturer for more information.

    If your scanner manufacturer does not support scanning in 64-bit mode, or you have issues scanning with TWAIN, you can scan into Photoshop CS6 using Apple’s ImageKit technology, which is built into Photoshop CS6, does not need a plug-in to be installed, and provides access to a large number of scanners.


    I submit that Adobe's implementation of ImageKit is a failure.

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    I'm a bit late to the discussion here, but after resolving the Acrobat X Pro scanning issue, I contacted Epson, and their CSA directed me to Adobe.  Before submitting a help request, I found this "Note" (3rd paragraph in link) in Adobe's online help.



    Note: This technology does not work in Photoshop CS6 when running under Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Adobe is working with Apple on this issue.

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    Image capture worked perfectly with dell. You must be thinking of when we used to use plugins? I remember those days? Searching for the plugin & putting it in the correct folder.


    Anyway I was looking for the plugin for my dell and found the answer right here? And it works!

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