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I was just charging my macbook pro with retina display when a loud "pop" noise came from the power adapter and the red light on the magsafe2 connector went out. I unplugged it all immediately, but there was a burnt kind of smell and bit of black 'sooty' type material around one of the edges of the adapter!


Thankfully the rMBP appears fine.


I actually just got a replacement rMBP as the other one had a small scratch on the body. So both the charger and the rMBP that was atached at the time of the pop, will be returned in a few days anyway. Still I am a little alarmed by it all. The charger was plugged into a 6-way extension adapter with surge protection, so I don't think it was a power surge. And anyway my tv (also plugged into the socket adapter) was on at the time and there was no problem there. Can I assume it was just a fault in the adapter? I will tell them about it of course when I call up tomorrow to arrange the return. I just hope the same isn't going to happen with the new rMBP and charger!


Has anyone else suffered a similar "pop" and broken adapter?

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion