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Hi. Siri sometimes gives the forecast low for the day instead of the high. It typically does this when the weather is bad. This behaviour suggests that the programmers don't know what a forecast low is. It's useless to tell someone the low because that's the temperature you'll hit just before sunrise. When people want the forecast, they always want to know the high, not the low. If it's a crappy rainy day, I still want to know the high. If I'm asking for the forecast at 7:30am, I do not care about the low at all.


Forecast high:  temp you will reach by afternoon

Forecast low:  temp you will reach late at night


Hoping an Apple person sees this.

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You should submitt your feedback here: www.apple.com/feedback


That is the site where an Apple employee will definitely see it, as this forum is just a user to user support forum.

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