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  • Jason Goldsmith Level 1 Level 1

    I solved my problem, and hopefully yours:


    In System Preferences/Mail, Contacts, & Calendars, delete all Exchange entries (there were two on my machine).


    Quit Mail.


    Move the Mail Library folder to the desktop. It is found here: In Finder click on the Go Menu while holding Option Key, then click on Library. Move the Mail folder to the desktop.


    Open System Preferences/Mail, Contacts, & Calendars and re-add your Exchange account (click on Exchange -- the +/- buttons don't add new accounts).


    Open Mail and wait for all mail to downloud. Add other accounts that may have be subscribed to in Mail (iCloud in my case).


    Hopefully, the "no content" issue is resolved -- worked for me.


    Next, I closed Mail, and then move the MailTags and Mail ActOn folders from the Mail folder that was on my desktop back to the newly created Mail folder in the Library ( the folders are called "Bundles", "Indev", and "Mail Lost+Found"). Mailtags and Mail ActOn were back and working.


    I hope this solution works for you.



  • Jason Goldsmith Level 1 Level 1

    I just repeated these actions on my laptop and they also worked. Realized that the best way to add back any other accounts (e.g., iCloud) is to go to System Preferences/Mail, Contacts, & Calendars, then click on iCloud, then add a check to the Mail checkbox. Don't close the System Preferences/Mail, Contacts, & Calendars window until the connection is made and mail is loading.



  • JDM325 Level 1 Level 1

    I just got a new MacBook Pro with retina display and now have Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (Had Lion before).  I setup my Exchange email and it was working for me just fine for a day or two.  The the next day it stopped.  So then I deleted the account and did the setup again.  Now I'm getting the "Message has no content" in all of the emails.


    The whole reason why I am using my exchange email in the Mail app is because I was having 101 problems getting my email through Outlook. So now I have to use my web mail in my browser to get my email.  Being that I use this laptop in a corporate environment this is terrible.  But on my older Macbook running Lion it's still running smoothly.  I am happy with all of the great features that Mountain Lion has to offer, but this one thing is a HUGE disappointment because it's the thing that I have to depend on for work every day.


    Apple, PLEASE fix.

  • JonKarlen Level 1 Level 1

    I was encouraged by the posts Jason that there might be a resolution but the last message, from jsut yesterday, by JDM325 has me nervous to even try the solution listed.  It's amazing to me that Apple hasn't fixed this problem in the time it's been around.  Having to restart Mail 3-5x per day is amazingly inconvenient.  I hope there is a solution to this soon.

  • kstearnes Level 1 Level 1

    If you close and restart Mail the messages will show just fine.  It is a pain to restart Mail everytime it does this but only finx I have found.  Plus I was told by Apple Engineers that it had something to do with the Microsoft Exchange not their software, big shocker there to redirect blame I would think, but until we no what the problem is we can't say who is at fault.  But I am seriously doubting that Apple really cares because the issue has been ongoing for quite some time and has yet to be fixed.

  • JonKarlen Level 1 Level 1

    Blaming it on MS Exchange doesn't make sense.  It never happens on my iPhone or iMac that are connected to the same Exchange server.  It didn't happen on my Lion installations on the same Macs.  It happened the day I upgraded to Mountain Lion - the variable that changed was my OS, not Exchange.  It's clearly an Apple problem.


    Yes, restarting Mail has always fixed the problem.  But it's tedious and unacceptable.

  • kstearnes Level 1 Level 1

    Trust me I totally understand.  You are preaching to the choir on this one and Apple doesn't seem to be listening.  Starting to lose a lot of faith in Apple these days which is sad.

  • JDM325 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with JonKarlen.  The mail both in Outlook and Mail is still running fine on my other macbook running Lion even on the same wifi network. The settings are setup exactly the same. Not to mention it's running fine on outlook apps in my iPhone and iPad.  The issue has to be within Mountain Lion.


    So this morning I called Apple Support and the first level tech was stumped.  He eventually called a Sr. Tech and she couldn't figure it out either.We tried closing out Mail and reopening... nothing.  Rebuilding the mailboxes... nothing. Changing some settings... nothing.  Then she thought, "maybe your exchange server 2003 which would not be compatible with Mt Lion".  Found out that we are running Exchange 2007 which is supposed to be compatible.  Still no resolve. 


    By the way, when I told the two techs my issue, niether one of them had even heard of this problem before. wow.

  • Rob Kraanen Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I just got of the phone with Apple for this issue. The problem indeed only seems to exist with Exchange. They explained that they don't support exchange (the functionality is there, but they don't support any problems). The work around seems to be that you can create a local folder (which does not exist as a folder in exchange) and drag and drop the email into that folder. This will download the entire email and display it correctly. Not a solution, but a workaround. Looks like they won't be solving this problem :-(

  • Jeff121921219 Level 1 Level 1

    Indeed, quitting and restarting fixes the problem.


    Very frustrating, as this has happend with emails from senior sales execs, my boss, my CEO.

  • kbross Level 1 Level 1

    I researched this for days and tried a ton of solutions and none worked out.  Turns out the fix was pretty simple for me.  Detailed here:



    I know it refers to Blackberry, but it worked fine for fixing up the "no content" problem on 3 Mac Mail installations with Exchange 2007, and only took about 10 minutes and one reboot of the Exchange server.  Obviously, if you don't have IT support or access to your Exchange server, you are out of luck.

  • Dirk Lewis Level 1 Level 1

    I found this only happens if you have the mail chain selected and a reply for this message arrives.  If you select any other email and a reply comes in all is well.  Also I just restart mail to clear it up.  So if you send a message and expect a reply soon then highlight a different message.


    Still a wacky bug that I hope gets fixed soon.

  • PhiSig6998 Level 1 Level 1

    Looks like the issue still exists to this day. Iphone runs solid with this connection but macmail is having issues. I tried to disable the autodiscover and rebuild account but still no love from exchange. Anyone find out anything new?

  • zmtnbik Level 1 Level 1

    I've been dealing with this for months, and thought I'd check the forums for solutions....still haven't found any, only work-arounds.


    The best work-around I have found, which others have mentioned as well, is to copy the message into the Trash, open it, which will show the message contents, and then copy back to your InBox.  Much easier then deleting/undeleting, stopping/starting


    Good luck!

  • DrJaymez Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list of people dealing with this bug. Annoying.